The Perfect Guest Room



The Perfect Guest Room

“Oh, isn’t this room just lovely!” Now that’s what you want to hear when guests arrive, whether it’s friends and family paying a visit or holidaymakers staying in your gîte. Perhaps they have travelled a long way, are very tired and the first impressions of where they will spend the night can make a huge difference to the way they feel. The colour scheme is important to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Soft blues, sludgy greys and muted whites are ideal whereas brighter colours should be used with care so that everyone has a chance of a good nights sleep. The room doesn’t have to be too luxurious (although that would be very nice) but a few changes here and there could make it extra special. Let’s have a look at some of the things that can give it a bit of a wow factor!

The bed is usually the main focal point of the room and whichever style you choose, should obviously be clean and comfortable. French antique linen sheets either embroidered or monogrammed are beautiful but can be expensive unless of course you are lucky enough to find a bargain at a vide-grenier. Modern alternatives are widely available at more reasonable prices and yet can still make quite an impact. White will always looks fresh and topped with a patterned quilt, a toile cover or even a faux fur throw can look stunning. A squashy duvet or soft warm blankets are a matter of preference as is the (can be feather filled!) bolster pillow.

Beautifully decorated pink bedroom

Lighting plays an important part in creating the ambiance of a room and what could be better for a centrepiece than a chandelier. It turns an ordinary room into a special one which your guests will appreciate. Don‘t be afraid to experiment with bold and beautiful (if headroom allows) or fine and delicate. Antique or modern, even a very modest one can lift a room. French style sconces – if you are lucky enough to find them – will add to the charm. Plain, ornate, painted or rustic, a full length mirror is a necessity on holiday and a dressing table mirror definitely on the wish list. Shopping for mirrors is a chance to find some extra special “show off” pieces.

Unpacking is not the greatest of holiday occupations but what could be better than to be able to hang up all the clothes in a French style armoire complete with a tassel on the handle. A French screen adds an air of mystery as to what might be hiding behind it and although a French salon chair is a lovely addition in the bedroom, a chaise longue provides a stylish and comfortable way to “put your feet up” on holiday. Fresh flowers or dried lavender are always a lovely touch and a scented travel candle makes a nice little unexpected gift.

If you wish to know if you have created the perfect guest room why not book yourself in for an overnight stay?!

Photos by kind permission of Juliettes Interiors

By Ann Horne, Topic Host

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