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Ann Horne is an interior stylist and long-time FrenchEntrée contributor.
She runs Frenchicandshabby, a site created to find beautiful French style furniture, furnishings and accessories for the home.

Articles by Ann Horne

Personal items in a bathroom

Preparing for House Guests in France

Feelings of excitement and anticipation turn to nothing short of sheer panic! Why? Guests are coming to stay! Keep calm and follow these tips.

Chambre 402

Paris Style at Home: Let’s Go Bobo!

Bobo is the contraction of two very contrasting styles of living, the bourgeois and the bohemian, or bourgeois-bohème, reflected in everything from fashion to food and, of course, also reflected in the the way to style the home.

Outdoor garden decoration

Shabby Chic: French Style Born in the USA

So many things today are labelled shabby chic. The style is everywhere and usually thought to have originated in France – hence the term ‘French shabby chic‘. It might therefore be surprising to learn that the concept actually began in

guest room

The Perfect Guest Room

“Oh isn’t this room just lovely.” Now that’s what you want to hear, whether it’s friends and family or paying guests …

Vintage decoration

Decorating with Vintage Finds

Brocantes and vide-greniers are addictive! A few well chosen, good quality vintage pieces can mix well with all kinds of décor.

window treatment

French Style Windows, Light And Bright

Whatever your preferred French style – Provençal, Country, Parisian, Chateau or Shabby Chic, something light and airy can help to bring the outdoors inside.

Versailles silver bedroom

Romantic French Bedrooms

A French style bedroom evokes thoughts of love and romance and with good reason. Colors and textures balance each other in a sumptuous invitation to the senses.

French Christmas table

Celebrate the New Year with French Style

In France New Year’s Eve is called la Saint-Sylvestre or la fête de la Saint- Sylvestre, named after the saint of the day – a pope from 314 to 335 AD. It is traditionally celebrated with a special meal, Le

Party table setting room article

Set the Table for a Celebration

According to French tradition, a proper meal on New Year’s Eve will bring prosperity to the house–in which case all the effort that you put in to making it a success will definitely be worth it.