Poulet au Cidre Breton

Poulet au Cidre Breton

If you ‘ve ever been to Brittany you’ll have heard that it is a region known for is their delicious cider. It is not only served in the traditional bollé and enjoyed as an apéritif or with your meal, it is also used in many local recipes.

This is a recipe for the traditional poulet au cidre chicken in cider. The cooking juices and cider with the cream turn into a velvety sauce. It was a great way to bring a little variety to your menu.

Poulet au cidre


6 chicken breasts (approximately 110grs each) You can also use chicken quarters, adjust cooking time accordingly.
2 apples (preferably Golden type)
3 large onions
4 tablespoons butter (2 oz)
2 cups of brut cider from Brittany
2 tablespoons of Cognac (optional)
1/2 cup of cream
2 pinches of ground nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste



Cut onions into fine strips.
Cut apples into small cubes (1cm squared).
Add onions and apples to a frying pan with 2 tablespoons of butter. Cook on medium heat for 5-7 minutes until golden.
In a larger thicker pan melt remaining butter. Add the Cognac and brown chicken breasts (3 minutes).
Add the cooked onions and apples and cover with the cider.
Add nutmeg, salt and pepper.
Allow to simmer (without cap) until 2/3 of the cider has evaporated, approximately 30-40 minutes.
Remove the chicken breasts and set aside keeping them warm.
Pour the cream into the cider sauce and stir for a few minutes. If necessary, to thicken sauce, add a teaspoon of flour.
Coat the chicken with the sauce.
Immediately serve with rice or potatoes

Bon Appétit!

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  • jossieclarke
    2016-06-16 12:41:37
    Looks lovely, so what are the green bits? Flat leaf parsley I'm guessing?