Your guide to the French telecom market

Your guide to the French telecom market

UKtelecom’s FREE new ebook

UKtelecom Ltd, the long established specialist in French telecom services for expats has launched its new book this month.

Moving to France or within it has all the same stresses as moving within the UK, as well as others, and with phones and broadband becoming ever more important this knowledgeable and informative book helps to simplify the whole process.

With more than 120 pages packed with essential information for everyone who has a home, second home or small business in France.

It takes you from the first step of setting up a line, getting broadband, avoiding miss selling and buying the right services.

Once the line and broadband are in place there are guides to help trouble shoot and get faults fixed quickly.

Bob Elliott, Commercial Director said: “UKtelecom first produced a 20 page guide to this market six years ago, which was hugely popular. Since then the fast moving world of telecoms has seen many changes and more services so the need for easy access to honest and knowledgeable information has grown. This guide is unique because there is nowhere else that so much information can be found in one place and it will become an important resource for many.”

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