Is it Worth Moving to France as an American?


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Is it Worth Moving to France as an American?

Moving to France as an American comes with a host of considerations, and many common trials and tribulations of being a foreigner in France are well-documented. And yet, the number of Americans moving to France post-pandemic has tripled.[1]

So, what is it that makes France such a compelling destination for Americans?

Living in France comes with many advantages that living in the United States does not. France’s superior social support systems are a standout feature here, where everyone from the unemployed to new mothers objectively receives more support than their counterparts in the US.

Even when you look more closely, it becomes clear that France could be seen, in many ways as simply ahead of the US in its thinking with respect to how society should be structured and organized.

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The advantages of France for Americans

An exceptionally high-quality, affordable healthcare system

France provides universal healthcare coverage to both citizens and residents alike. The system is largely funded by a combination of employer and employee contributions, and there is a healthy complementary insurance (mutuelle) system as well.[1]

[1] France health system information (

Sense of safety

While France is no stranger to terrorist attacks, the U.S. far outstrips France (and every other wealthy nation in the world) as one of the most dangerous places simply for living. When gun violence rates are compared between the two countries, the US is 30 times more deadly than France.[1]

Moreover, it’s not simply the fact that people are less likely to die by firearm in France that contributes to the increased sense of safety. Safety rules in France are erected and upheld with strict adherence to the practicality of the matter (one might even say “common sense).

On the other hand, legislation seeking to curb gun violence in the US often encounters legitimate legal objections grounded in the Second Amendment of the US Consitution.

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Emphasis on family life

Dovetailing nicely with my former point is that France is a wonderful place to have, raise, and be a family. Although no school for children on Wednesday afternoons and frequent school vacations may be a cultural adjustment, it’s hard to argue against the benefits of living in a society structured to encourage family time.

Ongoing access to American investment accounts

Americans living in France may continue using many US-based accounts, including those used for investments. Planning for this continuation before moving can make for a smoother transition as American clients of US banks who also live abroad have certain considerations to bear in mind.

Overall quality of life

In France, you can hustle if you want to, but it’s not necessary in order to live a dignified life. Even when compared to other Western European countries, France offers full-time workers generous paid time off and holidays that in some cases add up to over 50 paid days off per year. The minimum amount of paid vacation? Five weeks.[1]

Whether it’s worth it or not to move to France will depend on your priorities and motivations, but there are compelling reasons the move might be a good idea.

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