By Georgina (Age 10)

Georgina by GeorginaWhen I started school it was really hard to understand the language. At first I didn’t think that I would manage school at all because the French speak really, really fast so I had to practice and practice until I got there – I’m there now – it wasn’t so bad after all! Finding a friend is easy when you’re at school because everyone is very friendly, they’ll come to you, they say “Hello” – actually they say “Salut” – and you reply “Hello, what’s your name?” Et voila! You’re friends.

At school everyone gets to know you and the schoolwork is easy if you call the teacher over to help! School lunches are really tasty too. You go up to the Cantine and pick your food, at least three courses, then sit down at a table with your friends. What’s more if you go to Castelfranc School you get Wednesdays off!

Playing in the River Lot after schoolWe now have two houses in France; we live in the big one and use the other one as a holiday home. I like that, I have so many friends there, and it feels as if I’m on holiday all summer long. We swim in the river, eat on the terrace and listen to the cicadas in the trees. Our next-door neighbours are very nice French people, 5 people to be exact, and a cat and a dog. We play with them every day and we give their dog a little bit of baguette every morning. Shhh! We’re not supposed to!

We have been recording the coldest weather. It was early March and the thermometer dropped to minus 12 degrees. Brrrr! In the summer the weather here can be very hot. The summer before last it got up to 45 degrees and that is hot, hot, hot!

Setting off for our first day in a French schoolThe Vineyards around this area are all clipped for the winter, and in the winter it’s really cold so the leaves turn brown and drop off. All sorts of stone buildings that we didn’t know were there suddenly appear! In the summer the leaves grow again and the whole vineyard turns green.

If I compare my life now with the life I had in England. Although I loved my house and my friends there, I think I love France much more. My sister, Felicity, now lives in Spain with her boyfriend but I really can’t think why she would want to go there, here is much better! My other sister, Lucy, stayed in England with her boyfriend. They all come to visit us during the holidays. My Mamma says we’re a cosmopolitan family. If that means what I think it means, I think I got the best deal!


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