Preparing for Old Age in France: Care Homes, Home Help & Benefits


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Preparing for Old Age in France: Care Homes, Home Help & Benefits

There are many advantages to life in France for the over 60s, not least the French healthcare system, which is renowned as one of the best in the world. As you grow older in France, it’s also important to understand what financial aid, support, and assistance is available. Here’s what you need to know.

Financial Aid and Benefits for Pensioners in France

Over 65s in France benefit from a number of tax reductions. Income-dependent reductions in income tax and taxe foncière (property tax) start from 65, while over 75s on lower incomes are completely exempt from taxe foncière.

There are also additional benefits and financial aid available for elderly residents, including the allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées (Aspa), a solidarity benefit paid to over 65s on low incomes, and the allocation personnalisée d’autonomie (Apa), an autonomy benefit afforded to over 60s who need home help or assistance (more on this below).

Home Help or Elderly Assistance in France

France provides home help services to around 25% of elderly French residents, providing assistance to meet basic needs such as personal hygiene, transport, cleaning, and shopping. Services are available to all residents over the age of 60 who require them, but whether or not it’s covered by the state depends upon your income.

Low-income pensioners may receive full coverage via the Allocation Personnalisée d’Autonomie (APA); higher-income seniors may need to fund up to 90% themselves. It’s worth talking with your Mutuelle health insurance to discuss coverage for these needs in later life; taking out private health insurance could be another alternative.

Find out more about the APA and home help services on the official site here.

Care Homes and Assisted Living in France

Elderly residents over the age of 60 whose physical or medical conditions no longer allow independent living may also move into a care home or assisted living facility. In France, these are known as EHPAD – établissement d’hébergement pour personnes âgées dépendantes.

There are more than 7,200 located around the country, a mix of public and private facilities, but all of them are state-registered. Residential care homes can cost around €2,000 per month (although prices vary throughout the country), with fees covering accommodation, meals, and cleaning services; medical and hospice care; and non-medical assistance for day-to-day living.

Aid is available for legal French residents depending on your income, and medical costs will typically be taken care of by the state.

Find out more about EHPAD services on the official site here.

Retired in France? Are You Entitled to Elderly Benefits & Care?

Many elderly services and benefits are available to all legal French residents who are registered in the French healthcare system. However, there are certain benefits that are not available to non-EU citizens who have never worked in France.

Almost all benefits and financial aid are income-tested, so if you have substantial savings or children in France on high incomes (in France, children and grandchildren have a legal responsibility to help elderly parents with their essential needs), you may not qualify for state-funded services. In this case, it may be a good idea to take out private health insurance to cover any care you may require in later life.

For British retirees in France, if you retired to France from December 31st, 2020, your rights are protected under the rights of the Withdrawal Agreement, and you will be offered the same rights as all EU citizens for the duration of your life in France. Post-Brexit, British retirees covered by an S1 form will retain many rights to French health services but may still be excluded from certain benefits. It’s recommended to seek advice on your personal situation from your local tax office or the relevant French departments listed above.

Retiring to France?

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