Buying your wine in France – it’s good vinonomics!

Buying your wine in France – it’s good vinonomics!

It’s well established that France produces some of the world’s finest wines, but did you know it’s also one of the best places to buy your wine?

You might not have noticed, but the number of Brits travelling to Calais (and beyond) has risen dramatically over recent years with the affordable price of wine a strong reason to venture across the English Channel.

So what is it about France that really delivers bang for your buck?

Britain is infamous for some of the highest alcohol duty rates in Europe, matched only by the  Scandinavian countries.

Whenever you buy a bottle of wine in the UK you’re automatically paying at least £2.18 on duty no matter how expensive the bottle.*

Now, whilst that already sounds like a bad deal, try applying that duty to the average cost of a bottle of wine in the UK.

At around just £5.39, when you consider the cost of of packaging, VAT, logistics AND duty you’re getting a measly 60p worth of wine! That isn’t a very good return.

However, wine lovers shouldn’t panic.

France is an oasis of great-value wine shopping…

France has near zero taxes on alcohol making it one of the cheapest counties in the world to pick up your favourite bottles.  

So just how much can you save? The short answer is: quite a lot.

The saving on duty is immediately £2.18 and usually a bottle of wine bought in France is typically up to £4 cheaper than its UK equivalent. Now, that is already starting to taste better.

Sounds like a good deal? Then Majestic Calais is a great place to start.

French supermarkets are fun, but also notoriously complicated. Majestic Calais is the easiest way to get straight to France’s great savings.

You’ll always receive a warm welcome, there’s no need to bring your vocab book and you’ll save up to £4 on your favourite bottles. Plus, if you don’t own a beautiful French residence yet – we’ll even pay for your travel**

*VAT and Duty rates as of 16/02/2018, based on wine at 12.5%
**When you pre-order £250 worth of wine

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