New low-cost TGV (high-speed train) in France

New low-cost TGV (high-speed train) in France

SCNF’s answer to no-frill budget airlines: Ouigo (pronounced We go…get it?). Le Figaro reported that the service initially will operate on the Marseille-Est line that joins Marne la Vallée (where Disneyland Paris is located) with the south of France via Lyon. Prices start at 25 euros and will vary according to the SNCF yield management system. If this is similar to the current inventory management it means that, as a rule of thumb,  the earlier you book the cheaper it is. The company managed to place 20% more seats on board. This translates into no café and no first class.

Ouigo service will be available from April 1st, 2013.

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  • Frenchholiday
    2013-02-19 12:04:39
    Excellent! SNCF used to do some great offers but you had to keep your eyes open for them and want to travel when the offer was on. We travelled from Tours to Lyon for 19 euros a while ago. This new offer looks very promising.