FrenchEntrée offers a flexible and proven range of online and print marketing solutions to suit every type of company and every pocket. Our advertisement packages are highly effective for all kinds of businesses in successfully achieving a wide range of marketing objectives.

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If you want to stand head and shoulders above your competitors and really dominate your market, why not consider sponsoring one of the FrenchEntrée editorial zones?

Our editorial zones are the most popular topic-specific areas on our site. We gather lots of useful articles, hints, tips, FAQs and other information in order to provide the complete online guide.

Sponsorship packages can be completely customised to match your marketing objectives and can include enquiry forms, advertorials, banners, info-adverts, newsletters, solus newsletters and video.


Banner Advertising

With a targeted audience of well over 250,000 unique visitors every month, FrenchEntrée provides an excellent opportunity to attract large numbers of key visitors to your site.

Banners are fantastic for raising brand awareness or promoting special offers. Your banner ad can link direct to your site for instant response. We can also target different parts of the site best suited to your product or service.

Current available inventory is in excess of 1.5 million banners per month. We have multiple banners lots and positions across the site – please contact us for the options available.



Our visitors use FrenchEntrée to gather information in order to help them make better decisions about buying property, living in France or planning a French holiday. Info-Adverts have been designed to offer cost-effective promotions for your product or service in a style that complements our editorial content to gain the best response.

Info-Adverts are served across FrenchEntré contextually, meaning that your advert will appear alongside relevant content based on keywords. In simpler terms, if you want to advertise as an insurance broker then your advert will appear next to and within editorial on health insurance, home insurance, life insurance etc.

Info-Adverts are the most effective way to target specific users of FrenchEntré as your advert will appear alongside and within very specific content.

Contact us today to discuss how we can attract perfect potential customer for you.


Directory Advertising

The FrenchEntrée Directories have grown to become the most popular resource on the web for France. The directories are very popular with our visitors and are highly visible on search engines like Google as well as being heavily promoted across FrenchEntrée. If customers are looking for a specific product or service then this is the first place they will look.

The directory is the must-have entry-level advertising opportunity for businesses offering products and services to the French property market available nationally across France, regionally or internationally, including tax advice, banks, insurance, local plumbers, pool installers etc.

There are two options to advertise your business on our directories:

1. Directory Listing:

Bring your business to the top of the relevant directory page to improve your chance of attracting new customers. Listings rotate on a daily basis with 30 words description, your logo and contact details inc. telephone, postal address, email address and weblink to generate traffic 24/7, 365 days a year.

Price: £400 for 12 months

2. Enhanced Profile Page:

Stand out from the crowd with an enhanced profile page, which is dedicated to your business including full description, 6 images, full contact details and enquiry form, we can even upload a video if you have one. This page will also be indexed with the search engines maximising your chance to attract new enquiries for relevant keywords on Google, Yahoo, etc

Price: £750 for 12 months (less than £65 per month!)

Add your business directory listing / add your holiday directory listing.


Mini-Site Advertising

A mini-site is your own website within the FrenchEntrée portal. Mini-sites have proven a great success with clients so far, covering a range of business areas including mortgage brokers, tax advisers, swimming pool installers and property developers. Mini-sites provide a marketing platform within the FrenchEntrée portal, tapping into our ever-growing visitor numbers and “piggy-backing” on our unrivalled search engine visibility.

Whether you use it as your main website or as a complement to your existing web presence there are numerous advantages to this type of online marketing.

Be where the traffic is

FrenchEntrée is visited on average by over 250,000 people every month, looking for property, information about living in France or planning a holiday. This means that to find out more about your company our visitors needn’t leave the FrenchEntrée site AND your mini-site is widely promoted within FrenchEntree to maximise interest.

Search engine visibility

Getting your business found on the search engines can be a complicated and expensive business. Companies are spending more and more on search engine consulting or buying Google AdWords to improve visibility. Thanks to FrenchEntrée’s very strong search engine reputation all our client mini-sites perform outstandingly well on key search engine phrases, often delivering higher rankings than clients’ own sites. Why not jump up the search engine results with a FrenchEntrée mini-site?


Newsletter Advertising

FrenchEntrée produces a wide range of email newsletters aimed at different audiences who have actively requested specific information including French property news, tax & law updates, holiday inspiration and more.

All of our newsletters are requested only via double opt-in which ensures excellent opening and response rates to articles and adverts alike. Newsletter advertising is a great additional way to create brand awareness and to put your advert in front of your target audience

Our current range of newsletters includes:

French Property, Tax & Law
Bonnes Vacances
Enjoying Life in France
La Semaine

We provide newsletters covering almost every aspect of property, living and holidays to France. View our full newsletter archive here.

Newsletter adverts are placed within the editorial and can take the form of our Info-Adverts tailored to a specific audience or an advertorial to promote your business in greater detail.


Magazine Advertising

FrenchEntrée Magazine is the UK’s biggest and most beautiful print publication on all things France, including travel, property, lifestyle, food and wine, and much more

Reader Demographics

• 69% of FrenchEntrée Magazine readers are married
• 56 / 44 male / female
• Average age of 53
• Professional or retired
• Educated to degree level
• 63% travel to France 2-3 times every year

Magazine Demographics

• Launched in 2001 – published bi-monthly
• Still the largest pagination of any French Magazine in the UK
• Stocked through WH Smith High Street & Travel, Independents, Waitrose and other quality outlets
• Stocked in Eurotunnel and Eurostar lounges

Download the FrenchEntrée Magazine media pack / Téléchargez le media pack FrenchEntrée Magazine.


Solus Newsletters

You could market directly to all of our double opt-in subscribers with an email exclusively devoted to your company and promotion. This is a one-off campaign to pro-actively get in front of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. All design and maintenance is done in-house, making this an extremely effective way to promote your company with the minimum of hassle.
To view one of our recent campaigns, please click on the links below.

TV5Monde competition promotion

Marne, Champagne Tourist Board

Blevins Franks Tax Seminars

Chez Nous’ Exclusive FrenchEntrée reader offer

HomeAway’s Exclusive FrenchEntrée reader offer

Holiday Lettings’ Exclusive FrenchEntrée reader offer


Video Advertising

Make your advertising with FrenchEntrée stand out by embedding your videos within articles or mini-sites. If you would like us to create a video for you we do have a team of professional videographers, so contact us for more information.

Below is an example video found on the Cap d’Agde holidays minisite:


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