Miranda Ingram

About the author:

Miranda Ingram is a former Fleet Street journalist and foreign correspondent. She met her Russian husband while covering the collapse of the USSR in the nineties and in 2003 they settled in Normandy with their two young children.

In France, she launched a glossy English-language magazine for Normandy and edited the nationwide English-language newspaper theFrenchPaper.

While continuing to work part time as a journalist she is also author of a forthcoming book on bringing up children in France as well as the novel Children of Utekhi.

She enjoys wine and conversation, empty Normandy beaches and is an avid reader.

Contact: ingram.miranda@gmail.com

Articles by Miranda Ingram

Pet passport

Pets and Pet Passports in France after Brexit

Armed with their own passports, Fido – and even Felix – are now as used to popping across the Channel as their masters. But will their travelling days soon be over? The rules governing animal movement depend on whether a

My French Garden in the Pays de la Loire

Edward Moss tells Miranda Ingram about the ten years of back-breaking work that went into the garden at Le Domaine.   Ten years ago, Edward Moss and his partner, David Marsh, moved into ‘Le Domaine’, their beautiful house at Epineux-le-Sequin

Hand holding house with keys to represent property in France

Rights of Non Eu Members to Buy a Property in France

Leaving the European Union will not affect a British citizen’s right to buy property in France – plenty of non-EU nationals own property in France. Theoretically, however, the French could make certain areas out of bounds to to non-EU buyers

older couple calculating her little budget

Pensions in France after Brexit

Retirees are the biggest group of expats living in France and there are scare stories in the media about expat pensioners in Europe being left “impoverished” by Brexit and “obliged to return home”. This is alarmist. There is unlikely to be any

Brexit - Demande de carte de sjour en France

Staying on in France Post-brexit: Permanent Residence

For the next two years or so, while Britain negotiates its post-Brexit deal with the EU, nothing will change for British citizens living in France. It is also likely that existing British residents in France will be able to continue

Brexit - mortgages

Mortgages in France after Brexit

You can still get a twenty year fixed rate mortgage at 2.15%. And house prices in France are still low. If your ten or fifteen year dream has been to move to France – or buy a holiday home –

Brexit - healthcare

Healthcare in France after Brexit

What kind of healthcare expats will be entitled to once Britain exits the EU is the make or break issue for many, particularly retirees, in determining whether or not they will return to the UK. Expats who work in France

Brexit Currency

Effect on Sterling Currency after Brexit

While expats are naturally concerned about their rights to continue living, working and accessing healthcare in France after Brexit, the most immediate concern for anyone living in France and receiving a UK income – such as a pension – is

owning a property in france after brexit

Owning a Property in France after Brexit

Leaving the EU will not stop British people buying homes in France – either for a permanent move to France or for holidays. Plenty of non-EU citizens – Russians and Americans, for example – own property in France. However, some

Flying balloon with the flag of the United Kingdom as an illustration of the Brexit

What Effect Will Brexit Have on Your Will in France?

Brexit will have no affect on your will – other than as a timely reminder to sort out your will if you haven’t already done so. Until last year, French “forced inheritance” laws dictated that your French property had to

Should I buy a house in France before or after Brexit?

You are already looking for your dream house in France – maybe you have already found it or are even part way through the buying process. Should you call a halt and wait until after Brexit to proceed? Do you wait until we

protecting rights before brexit

Protecting Your Rights Before Brexit Takes Place

Finding out what will happen to the rights and privileges we have enjoyed as EU citizens is a waiting game. There are, however, steps you can take now to protect yourself. In Britain, UK nationals are scrambling to discover if

Taxes in France after Brexit

The amount of tax a British expat living in France has to pay will not change as a result of Brexit negotiations as tax agreements are negotiated with individual countries not with the EU as a bloc. The double tax

EU blue card

Working in France after Brexit

We are so used to being able to live and work where we like in Europe it is difficult to grasp that this could all change. Even harder for those thousands of British children who have grown up in France

Driving licence in France

Driving in France after Brexit

At the moment you do not have to change your British driving licence for a French one if you move to France. This is because the British driving licence is an EU licence and any licence issued by an EU


What Happens to Capital Gains Tax after Brexit?

Capital gains tax (CGT) will not be affected by Brexit. CGT does not apply to your principal residence but to second homes. Formerly, EU nationals with property in France paid 19% on gains from renting or selling second homes because

Brexit "Where are we?" cloud word on sky.

Brexit: Where Are We Now?

As post-referendum Westminster sinks into a quagmire of plots and paralysis, only one thing is clear: there is neither a Plan A nor a Plan B for Brexit. Instead, British citizens are now subject to fear-mongering, rumour and speculation. The

non eu citizens rights

What are the rights of non EU members to live in France?

If Britain does not decide to stay within the single market – the ‘Norway model’ – migration negotiations will start with individual countries. It may be that some countries introduce residency rules that make it harder for expats to remain. Much