French road signs

In the past year some new road signs have been incorporated to the Code de la Route and will gradually start making an appearance on a road near you. Here they are (clockwise from top left)

  • Additional information on dead ends: the sign will indicate if the road provides an exit for cyclists and pedestrians to continue on their way
  • Shopping or commercial centre
  • Thick layers of fog or smoke
  • Parking space under surveillance

There are also some tightening up on certain rule violations:

  • using your telephone while driving: 3 points and €135
  • driving over or crossing the emergency stop lane on an highway (autoroute): 1 point and €135
  • using a radar alert system : 6 points and €1500
  • breaking speed limit by 50km or more is now classed as an offence from the very first instance and liable to appear in court and fined with up to 6 points and €1500, possible confiscation of the vehicle and suspension of the license
  • DIU – alcohol in excess of 0,8 g/l: 8 points (used to be six)
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