Can I Still Buy a House in the Dordogne for under €60,000?


This week, John Starr, our property finder for the Dordogne/Corrèze secured one lucky couple a house in Excideuil (Périgord Blanc) for just €52,500.

It’s habitable, double glazed and insulated throughout, with oil fired central heating and a fosse septique, not to mention 2,000sqm of land and a garage.

The property was originally on the market for €75,600. “It’s a matter of getting the balance right” said John afterwards.

“By working  with the immobilier, knowing how long the property was for sale and by knowing some of the people who lived in that commune, I was able to negiotiate the price down without insulting the seller” he added.

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  • Kathleen Burleigh
    2021-10-20 07:34:38
    Kathleen Burleigh
    Hi Sylvia, I want to know what the regulations are for travelling to France from China and then returning to China for a couple of months before finally moving to France. Also any ideas about household removal shipping firms from China to France?