The Scandinavian concept has been introduced to Parisians by the Institut Suedois and seems to be catching on. You need sandwiches, a dance floor, a DJ and 150 or so office workers looking to blow off some steam.

The Lunch beat is a sort of temporary nightclub that lasts no longer than 60 minutes. The 8 euros entrance ticket includes a Swedish style sandwich, a bottle of mineral water, and one hour of excellent music by professional DJ’s that know how to get the party from zero to full on in no time at all. No need for alcohol or other stimulants. No age limit. Just another day at the office.

The next one is on May 31 in Paris at the Institut Suedois.

From their website:


By promoting 1 hour of day time dancing we make it possible to fully embody the buzzwords of playfulness, participation & community. A physical knowledge that will make you create magic during the rest of your day too, and so will make Lunch Beat your week’s most important business lunch.”

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