Sad dog on top of paperwork during tax seasonLife in France comes with stashes of files, folders and regular visits to the photocopier. Whenever you need to open an account, register with any official or private entity, you’ll be carrying a sizeable stack of paper to submit. Even when you think you have everything anyone could possibly ask, you’ll always be short of that one piece of paper. Is it all about to change?

The French fisc has promised less paperwork for this next income tax declaration. Le Figaro has reported that households will start receiving the declaration form on April 15, and will not have to enclose photocopies of receipts or statements that where required before such as receipts for renovation work, repairs and maintenance, receipt for charity donations, etc. This exemption does not include any receipts accompanying a detail of expenses for any declaration of frais réels. Those are still required.

While it is not required to send the paperwork together with the declaration you are still required to keep it for three years and you should be able to produce them on request in case of an inspection.

It’s always good to hear about less paperwork, particularly as I’m getting my information together in preparation of the arrival of the form in the post.

Let’s see how it goes.

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Photo ©by chrisscott via flickr

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