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When you are property hunting in France, it makes sense to find out what you can afford. Our independent mortgage consultants are highly experienced in obtaining French mortgages for all kinds of clients. We have close links with the leading French lenders. Naturally the mortgage rules and regulations in France vary from those in the UK and we recommend the most effective way forward.

We will also advise whether money might better be raised on existing UK or French property. If you have found your new French home already FrenchEntrée Mortgage Services will be happy to advise you on the best means of accessing the necessary funds. If you are still looking, we can obtain for you a pre-qualified decision on your French mortgage allowing you to view properties confident about your available budget.

Please complete the quotation/application form below and we will then get back to you with a recommended mortgage option and quotation.

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7. Have you planned your currency exchange?
It is essential you plan in advance the best way to exchange your funds into euros. This is important because it can affect the price you end up paying for your property in France. FrenchEntrée offer a specialist currency service with free guidance, bank-beating exchange rates and no transfer fees for life. *

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Both Applicants - Existing Mortgages and Rental Payments

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34. Monthly rental payments, if renting current property?

Both Applicants - Other loans and commitments

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Both Applicants - Assets

45. Equity in property

46. Other savings, bonds, shares, pension funds, etc.

47. When contacting me, I would also like help with:
My property searchCurrency exchange adviceFinancial and tax adviceLegal advice

48. I consent to being contacted by partners of the FrenchEntree property team*:


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