Gorron Property for Sale: Detailed Town Guide

Gorron Property for Sale: Detailed Town Guide

What you need to know about this popular part of France

Gorron is an attractive market town in northern France with a large and active English-speaking expat community.

With a population of around 3000, the area is well served by a large, and new, supermarket as well as a good selection of smaller retailers.
Other attractions in Gorron include extensive sports facilities, a tourist office and a bustling market day.
There are various social groups that are popular with expats and the local cinema will even occasionally show films in English.
A number of local businesses are also British owned and offer products with the expat market in mind. This includes a bed shop and a store selling second-hand items , including English books and movies.
Many other French-owned firms in the area are also well-used to expat clients and there are also English-speaking health service providers to
assist you.
Market day in Gorron
Historically, the town was known for processing antlers and hoofs and for the production of granite.
Positioned at the north of the Mayenne Department (county), Gorron is only around 25 minutes drive from the large town of Mayenne and around 45 minutes from the city of Laval, which offers a frequent and direct train service to Paris (1 hour 40 minutes) on the super-fast TGV express.

Popular location

One reason for the town’s popularity with UK expats is its proximity to the Channel ports, roughly 90 minutes away.
The rolling hills and valleys in the surrounding countryside also remind many of the British landscape.
Another appeal has been the availability of cheap properties and land.
Generally, the Mayenne Department is regarded as having some of the best bargains in France. That applies equally to a ruin ripe for renovation, or a fully-modernised chateau.
Broadband (known as ADSL in France) is available in Gorron, although outlying areas may still have dial-up only.

Those looking to buy property in and around the town will find an estate agency with a lot of experience of working with English-speaking clients. Many of their properties can be viewed here .
You an also contact FrenchEntrée directly and we can help find your dream property in the Gorron area.
We will assist you with the buying process and even offer vital advice on how to get your property connected to water supplies, electric, phone, internet and more. This support service is free of charge.
Please email us here with your name and phone number and we will call you shortly.

Where is Gorron? Please use this Google map below:

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Facilities in Gorron include:

Newsagent (selling English language press)
Tourist office

Market day – Wednesday

Schools in Gorron:

Ecole Maternelle Privée, r St Michel, 02 43 08 07 40.
Ecole Maternelle Publique, 7 pl Butte St Laurent, 02 43 32 12 75.
Ecole Primaire Publique, r Normandie, 02 43 08 62 87.
Ecole Saint Michel, r St Michel, 02 43 08 64 14.
Collège du Sacré-Coeur, 7 r St Michel, 02 43 08 62 46.
Collège Francis Lallart, r Jacques Prévert, 02 43 08 62 64.
For more information on the regional education system, please click here .

Distances to/from Gorron:

Calais: 270miles.
Laval (TGVtrain): 29 miles.
Mayenne: 13 miles.
Paris: 164 miles.
Rennes (airport): 55 miles.
St Malo (ferry): 70 miles.

If you are interested in other properties for sale in the Mayenne Department , please click here.
For properties for sale throughout the Pays de la Loire, please click here .

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