Choosing a Mobile Phone Provider in France


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Choosing a Mobile Phone Provider in France

Whether you are moving to France or own a second home in France, getting a French mobile phone is likely to be high on your to-do list.

France, overall, has good connectivity (with the exception of some rural areas), and 4G is advancing throughout the country. Staying in touch via a mobile phone has never been easier. So, how do you go about choosing a mobile phone provider in France?

Mobile Phone Providers in France

As you may expect, Orange dominates the mobile market here in France, with SFR (Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone) commanding a close second place. However, there is a range of mobile phone providers (with Free and Bouygues being the next in line with market share) and who you may choose to spend your money with will depend on your personal circumstances and the area in which you live.





La Poste



Lyca mobile






Choosing a Mobile Phone Provider in France

As in all countries, contract details and prices vary between French mobile phone providers, but these aren’t the only aspects to consider when choosing your mobile phone contract. Here are a few other things to consider.

Which mobile phone provider offers the best network service?

Connectivity can vary depending on your choice of mobile provider, so it is important to check the network service before you sign up with a particular provider. This is especially pertinent to rural areas where there may only be 3G. Usually, the main providers offer better coverage in these areas. In larger cities, you may be able to access 5G, so a smaller provider should not be a problem.

Check your connectivity here.

Phone SIM, mobile phones, and package deals

If you have an unlocked mobile phone, consider a SIM only deal. If you are looking to purchase a mobile phone at the same time, be sure to check whether or not this phone will be locked to your provider (typically, it will).

If you have an existing land-line and TV provider, research their bundle deals as adding a mobile phone to your package may not be as costly as you might think. Many French residents opt for some kind of package deal, as they tend to be the most cost-effective.

Mobile contracts and ‘forfaits’

Various different mobile phone contracts or ‘forfaits’ are available in France. Your choice of the amount of calls, texts and data allowance will depend on your need. Choose what suits your individual circumstances. For example, the needs of a teenager may be very different to an adult running a business. Do your best to match the contract to your requirements.

Contracts are usually SIM only, or they include a mobile phone device. Normally, you may have to pay a one-off fee to activate your contract. Do make sure you read the contract thoroughly so that you are clear about terms before you sign. Payment is usually by direct debit, so you will need to provide details of your French bank.

Contracts are usually for 12 months or two years’ duration, or they can be ‘sans engagement’, which means you pay a little more for the contract to be renewed each month, but you maintain the right to cancel your contract at any point.

Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract in France

Before deciding on the best contract for you, it’s a good idea to research your local area and available providers. Here are some comparison websites in order to see the latest deals.


Le Comparitif

Je Change

Mes fournisseurs

Que Choisir


It’s also worth speaking to your local friends and neighbours to find out their anecdotal experiences and recommendations for your area. A visit to your local telecom shop or friendly Post Office may also be worthwhile to garner information and help you with your choice of mobile phone provider.

Good luck and keep connected!

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  • John M Hine
    2023-02-06 06:29:19
    John M Hine
    Bonjour Carol, Je suis très content d'avoir trouvé votre site web. D'abord, qu'est-ce que c'est un «Grue» Gite? I have a question (or perhaps many questions) regarding phone usage for American tourists in France. My wife and I spend 2 to 3 months per year in France and I am currently using a Samsung dual Sim card phone with a LeFrendhMobile Sim for a local phone number and as long as I keep the LFM card paid up, I can to keep the same number year after year, visit after visit. LFM is probably not the best deal for phone and Data. I don't make many phone calls, but I always seem to use a lot of data. Do you have any better suggestions? Thank you very much. By the way, where is your gite ?


    • Zoë Smith
      2023-02-07 10:26:57
      Zoë Smith
      Hi John, Please do check out the list in the article - phone deals often change regularly, so it's a good idea to call up or go into the store to explain your needs and ask what is on offer. If you're not looking at a French phone contract, this article might also have some ideas: Visiting France this Summer? 3 Tips to Avoid Roaming Charges Best, Zoe


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