Loire Valley Property for Sale – Essential Advice

Loire Valley Property for Sale – Essential Advice

Your own castle in the Valley of the Kings

The stunning Loire Valley is known as the Valley of the Kings and is home to the most beautiful chateaux in France.

Not surprisingly, the area has been a huge draw for people keen to have their own castle in this Unesco World Heritage site.
However, you may not need a King’s Ransom to acquire a property in this beautiful region.
Although you can expect to pay millions for a chateau, a restoration project can still be had for less than 30,000 euros. As long as you know where to look and who to ask.
Fortunately, a family-owned English estate agent can be relied upon to keep you on the right path.

Properties in France (PIF) is a French registered company who have been established in France for 20 years.
The company was founded by John and Lynn Carter who, having purchased a property in France themselves, were amazed at the number of people they met who wanted to do the same but didn’t know how to go about it.

Seeing a business idea, they placed a small classified ad in the Sunday Times and it all grew from there….
Now some 20 years and many happy customers later, the business has been handed over to their daughter Sam and son-in-law Mike Taylor.
Previously, both Sam and Mike lived in New York and worked in marketing and communication throughout their careers.


They have used this experience to evolve the services that the founders had established with a view to making purchasing easier for the company’s clients.

PiF provides support to clients every step of the way and offers excellent after-sales care.
This includes building project management and they can even keep an eye on your property if it is a second home.
Sam explained: “We understand the needs, fears and challenges for clients moving to France and this is critical to the agency’s success.
“ We have a ‘peace of mind’ philosophy aimed at making permanent moves and the purchase of secondary homes or investment property as smooth and painless as possible.”

Why to Buy Here

There is so much to recommend the Loire and it is easy to see why Brits make their home here.

Purchasing Power

Your money goes further in the Loire. Somewhat overlooked by the Brits, you still get a lot of property for your money in this region.
You can buy a ‘do-er upper’ for 26,000 euros or a business comprising a château and five gìtes for just over 1 million (prices include all fees).


The Loire Valley is a Unesco World Heritage site for outstanding beauty. Also known as the ‘Valley of the Kings’, the Loire is the home of many famous chateaux that were once the summer homes of the kings of France and these attract many foreign visitors each year.
Famous wines, outdoor activities, cultural events – the area has it all.


For those with second homes or those who don’t want to be too far from family and friends, this region is easy to reach from the UK.
It’s less than three hours to the nearest ferry port and there are several airports to choose from.
From Paris to Le Mans is less than an hour on the TGV and from Charles de Gaulle airport is just 1 hour 20 minutes.
For those who prefer to use road links, the Channel Tunnel is just 5 hours away.

Quality of Life

And then there is ‘quality of life’. For people who are coming to live here permanently, the healthcare is widely recognised as one of the best in the world.

The stunning Loire valley

The stunning Loire valley

Living costs here are 30% cheaper than in UK. Neighbours are still neighbourly and are happy to share both their advice and their seasonal local regional produce.
The culture of respect is prevalent: people greet each other when they enter a shop or a restaurant, young people respect their elders, family life is valued and the local community provides a support network.

Find property for sale in the Loire Valley

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