Update from La Rochelle, Île de Ré and coastal Vendée

Update from La Rochelle, Île de Ré and coastal Vendée


If you wished you had bought a French property when bargains could still be found then you may not have missed the boat.

Prices in France have fallen during the last quarter. It’s no surprise to see that the Vendée has also seen prices fall with 3% being slashed off some prices in the last month alone. So does this mean that the Vendée is no longer a good place to invest? Where can bargains be found and where should investors hunt out?

For those of you looking for the lowest cost per m sq then look inland. Properties can be bought for below £500 per sq m in some towns. Yes, there are houses back on the French market for under £50,000 once again. Be careful where you buy though, some of the cheapest prices can be found in areas that flood.

That’s where using a Property Finder can pay dividends as they know the area and the true market value of a property. Also think, do you really want to travel 1 hour to the beach each time? Add on even more travel time in August. Potential clients renting your property certainly won’t want to.

For those of you who are looking for a long term investment then look along the coastline. Prices there yield an average of £2,900 per sq m. Not surprisingly prices around Les Sables d’Olonne are still increasing by 0.75% per month with the average price per sq m coming in at £3,381. Les Sables is always in demand for rentals and a ripple effect can be seen both up and down the coastline around it.

Coastal properties are always sought after and are in limited supply. Yes, there are bargains out there, but finding them (and still making sure they are in a good location for potential investment) is something best left to the experts.

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