Highlights of Haute Vienne

Haute Vienne derives its name from the river that runs though the department. As the river is also the main waterway through Vienne, the “Haute” was added as the department …

The origins of Cognac

Located on the banks of the Charente, Cognac has a history as rich as its famous drink’s flavour. The area has been inhabited since the Prehistoric era and, even if their origins remain a mystery, there are still relics from

Languedoc Traditions Jousting in Sète

Languedoc Traditions: Jousting in Sète

One Sètois tradition is guaranteed to jolt the Languedoc from the languor of midsummer days. Water jousting was a popular medieval sport in the South of France, first appearing in Sète in 1666, at the inauguration of the Canal Royale.

Review: An Englishman Aboard, Charles Timoney

An Englishman Aboard Charles Timoney, Penguin Books, £9.99 We all know how it goes: it’s New Year’s Eve, the champagne is flowing and, inevitably, someone recklessly agrees to take on some madcap resolution. Timoney’s proved to be more challenging than most

The sea during winter in Brittany

Winter in Brittany

Brittany tends to get overlooked in the winter. It only has one mountain peak, which is the mysterious and magical Menez Hom, but at 381 metres it certainly isn’t the place for a ski resort. Think of Brittany in winter

Eiffel tour in Paris

Thoughts on Returning to Paris

While engaged in a conversation discussing the recent terrorist events in Paris, I was asked if I was going to move forward with my plans to visit France later this year. The question caught me slightly off guard. Of course

Paris at christmas

Memories of a French Christmas

I’m in Paris. It’s evening and the snow is falling. I’m standing before the huge open window in the parlour of the apartment on the Rue des Grands Augustins. I’m gazing at the white lights twinkling on the Eiffel Tower

Boat in St-Tropez

French Riviera Gem: A Snapshot of St-tropez

David Shoestring heads to the prestigious Riviera village to see how the other half live.  A visit to St-Tropez last year managed both to confound and to exceed expectations. The boats in the harbour may be somewhat grander than of old,

The Hermione Sets Sail in Charente

On Sunday the 7th September 2014 under the scorching sun of an Indian Summer an estimated 50,000 people gathered in Rochefort on the banks of the River Charente. The long anticipated event that drew them there was the departure of

Canal du Midi boating

Boating and sailing holidays

Boating holidays in FranceYour guide to exploring rural France by barge and boatMORE BOATING AND SAILING ARTICLES Great Canal Journey: Luxury Barge Hotel By Jeannine Williamson It was chance and a big helping of get-up-and-go that saw Caroline and Rory

Events in Centre

From Amboise and Bourges to Tours and Vierzon, the Centre boasts a wide variety of music concerts, sporting events and festivals celebrating local heritage and gastronomy – something for everyone.

Too much romance in Paris

Commitment is not always a ball and chain; in Paris it’s a padlock. On the Pont des Arts, thousands of romantic couples lock their promise to the railings of the bridge creating a dilemma for the authorities.

What’s On in Paris

The programme of concerts and shows, sporting and cultural events on offer in Paris ensures visitors come back time and time again. From foodies to film buffs, everyone is catered for.

Real-life Story: Buying in Sanary-sur-Mer

Sue Aitken owns a flat in Sanary-sur-Mer, a town in Provence that she discovered as a student. Here Sue tells FrenchEntrée how the town has managed to retain its charm over the years and why she decided to buy the first property she saw.


When sisters Judi and Gail from Australia made their first trip to Europe, tour organiser Carolyn suggested they spend time in Paris (Île-de-France) and Beaune (Burgundy) on their way to Avignon (Provence).

Bonnes Vacances July Edition out Soon!

Some great news – we are putting the finishing touches to the July edition (pictured above) of our fab interactive digital magazine Bonnes Vacances. It’s a FREE online mag featuring great last-minute holiday deals, inspirational holiday ideas from the French

Integrating in France

Kathy and Paul Conner moved from Woking in Surrey to Gemozac, Charente-Maritime four years ago. Their efforts to learn the language, speak to their French neighbours and socialise in France have made integrating easy!

Why Buy in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is a town dedicated to art, culture and tradition. Celebrities, artists and writers all fell under its spell in the 1950s. Back then one could bump into Picasso, Francoise Sagan and Jacques Prévert amongst others…

Maison des Bulliats Real Life Wine Story

“Approaching retirement from our university teaching careers, we were ready for new challenges, making a product that we both enjoy – red wine! ” – British couple describe their steep learning curve since buying a vineyard in 2005…

neutral colours in a bedroom in France

How to ensure your gîte business is profitable

Sally Stone, who runs a successful gîte and property management business, reveals how to ensure, in these changing financial times, that your gîte not only attracts holiday-makers but keeps them returning year after year…

Jocelyn & Gordon Simms

Living the Dream in Deux-Sevres

Gordon and Jocelyn Simms are writers and poets and, when they decided to retire to France, it was important that they found the perfect place in which to ‘live their dream’.  Gordon tells the tale of how they found their mill home by the river.

Eating Out in Dieppe

Fancy dining out in Dieppe? Rob Silverstone, author of best-selling novel A Mule in Rouen tells us about some of his favourite eateries in Dieppe’s ‘Le Pollet’ district – guaranteed to tickle your taste buds….

Burgundy bike tours

Looking for new friends in Burgundy?

Looking for new friends in Burgundy? Peter Edmunds, president of the association Burgundy Friends talks to FrenchEntrée Burgundy about how he came to live in Burgundy and about the Burgundy Friends association.

coral & george

Life in the Côte D’or

Coral Luke talks about why she decided to retire to Burgundy with her husband. Some regions, she said, felt “inundated with British people and what we didn’t want was to move to Britain with the sun”.

A Crash Course on Creuse

The department of the Creuse is situated in the center of France, within the region of Limousin.
Creuse is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution

Burgundy Living

“Patricia in front of her house”FrenchEntrée Burgundy talks to Patricia Ballard about her recent move to Burgundy …


A Holiday Home in Finistere

“Lesconil Harbour”Richard and Margaret Hadley bought a holiday home in a small coastal village in the Breton department of Finistere nearly eight years ago, and enjoy holidaying there for two months…

Burgundy Home Furnishing

“Marie-Odile & Simon” If your looking for a friendly face whilst visiting Auxerre in the Yonne, why not pop into a shop in the town centre called Village Deco…

Burgundy business

“Jane from Burgundy Brocante” Four years ago, it was all change for David and Jane Gratton. They left the quintessential Englishness of the Cotswolds to start a new life in Bissy sur Fley…

‘My wonderful French life’

Artist and chef Tessa Baker has led a seriously eventful life – from the time she spilled to wine on Lauren Bacall to sailing around the world. Here she describes what brought her to France and how she has found happiness here

Eiffel tower

Normandy, the 21st district of Paris?

Normandy is the countryside of Paris and second home to many a Parisien. In fact, Parisiens refer to Normandy as the 21st district of Paris! So the Brits are not the only ones interested in the region…

Wheels in Charente

In July 2003 we began our search for a place in France. After several months of looking for a holiday cottage we changed our minds and decided to look for a permenant home …

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Your Questions Answered about Mobile Homes in France

Guests frequently approach us with questions such as; “How long is the Park open for?” “What are the annual Site Fees?” “Are there any vacant plots available today?” So, to give you as much information as possible we have compiled this set of useful questions and answers.

Wind surfing

Homes & Plots Available

Prices range from €15,000 for a 2 bedroom, pre-used mobile up to €60,000 for a new luxury 3 bedroom mobile home.

Oyster Farmers in France

A look at the life of an oyster and a visit to an oyster farmer at Gujan-Mestras, on the Arcachon Basin, to find out, among other things, how the oyster parks prepared for the huge French Christmas rush…

La Poissonnerie Moderne

One of the reasons I was so excited about moving to France was the French fish markets. The amazing array of sparklingly fresh seafood in a poissonnerie makes me feel like a hungry child in a sweet shop, and since

Looking back after four years in France

A true tale of one family’s decision to leave Britain and head for France in search of a mortgage-free bigger house with more time and space for family life. Not to mention lorries heading backwards down hills, battles with French bureaucracy and building up a dog-breeding business…