An Englishman Aboard Charles TimoneyAn Englishman Aboard
Charles Timoney, Penguin Books, £9.99

We all know how it goes: it’s New Year’s Eve, the champagne is flowing and, inevitably, someone recklessly agrees to take on some madcap resolution. Timoney’s proved to be more challenging than most – to traverse the length of the Seine, from source to sea, in a hand-built rowing boat.

The resulting journey makes for a witty, clever read that’s peppered with endearing and thoughtful observations on the French disposition. His gently self-deprecating anecdotes amuse and charm, as mishaps and blessings befall him. Timoney’s conversational tone welcomes you along and he amiably shares his experiences as if you were 
old pals swapping anecdotes 
over a bottle of wine. ★★★★★

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