Les parties principales du cheval 

Equestrian vocabulary

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Here’s some basic equestrian vocabulary you can’t live without, whether you’re buying a horse or pony, fitting tack or on a trip to the vet…

Back Dos
Body Corps
Canon Canon
Chest Poitrail
Cheek Joue
Coronet Couronne
Croup Croupe
Ear Oreille
Elbow Coude
Eye/Eyes Oeil/Yeux
Fetlock Boulet
Poll Nuque
Foot Pied
Forearm Avant-bras
Forehand Avant-main
Forehead Front
Flank Flanc
Frog Forchette
Girth Passage de sangle
Neck Encolure
Gaskin Grasset
Heel Talon
Hindquarters Arrière-main
Hip Hanche
Hock Jarret
Hoof Sabot
Knee Genou
Loins/kidneys Reins
Mane Crinière
Chin Menton
Nose Bout du nez
Nostrils Naseau
Pastern Paturon
Shoulder Epaule
Stifle Rotule
Stomach/abdomen Ventre
Tail Queue
Thigh Cuisse
Throat Gorge
Withers Garrot
Tendons Tendons



•With thanks to Peta Morton




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