Cancer Support in The Tarn

Cancer Support in The Tarn

The Tarn now has its own cancer support group as part of CSF (Cancer Support France) Sud de France.

They are there to offer advice and support to anyone in the Anglophone community who is touched by cancer, whether it is as a patient, a friend, family member or the bereaved. You do not have to be British to benefit – all English speaking people are welcomed.

If you are interested and would like more information, need help or advice or would like to join in any capacity, please look at the following websites:

  • CSF National
    For further information contact Penelope
    Helpline: 04 68 69 01 37**CSF Sud de France needs your help to spread the word, especially in the south and east of the Tarn. If you think you can help by distributing leaflets to your local doctor’s surgery, hospital, pharmacy or anywhere appropriate or can help in any way, please contact Helene on 05 63 34 94 01.

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