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How We Set up Our Cycling Business in Occitanie

Greg Cook meets two intrepid young couples who set up Tarn Cycling Holidays after quitting successful careers in the UK for life in Occitanie. It’s a familiar tale: couple nearing retirement, kids having long left home, trade their empty nest


South Aveyron Property Guide

The eastern half of the Aveyron has been neglected. But the opening of the Sir Norman Foster-designed Millau Viaduct last year increased interest in eastern and southern Aveyron, and a boom in the property market could soon follow.

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Roquefort quiche recipe from the Aveyron

An excellent quiche using the local roquefort cheese from the Aveyron. Perfect for informal outdoor lunches accompanied with a green salad, or served in small bite-size pieces for apéritifs and picnics.

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Aligot, an irresistible speciality from the Aveyron

Aligot is a fondue-like potato and cheese dish made by skilled men with vast wooden paddles and often served alongside local sausages or spit-roast veal, lamb or pork. Aligot transcends its simple ingredients and tastes best eaten outdoors in a crowded village square on a summer’s evening.

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Roquefort cheese from the Aveyron

Roquefort is a flavourful ewe’s-milk blue cheese and is France’s second most popular cheese after Comté. During the Age of Enlightenment, the French philosopher Diderot attributed the title “King of Cheeses” to Roquefort cheese, declaring in 1782 that “Roquefort cheese is without doubt the finest cheese in Europe”.

Cancer Support in The Tarn

The Tarn now has its own cancer support group as part of CSF Sud de France, on hand to offer advice and support to anyone in the Anglophone community who is touched by cancer whether it is as a patient, friend, family or bereaved. All English speaking people are welcomed.

Galette des Rois • Recipe

This is a popular French pastry shared during the holiday of Epiphany, on the 6th of January. The lucky person who gets the hidden “fève” is crowned King or Queen and gets to wear the crown.

Lot and Quercy properties

Low Priced Properties in the Lot and Quercy

Although the property market in France is quieter than usual, some agents are suggesting this is actually a good time to buy. There is a huge range of choice available and many sellers are willing to negotiate on price which can more than offset any recent changes in the exchange rate. The current slow down is not likely to last forever and once things pick up again prices can only increase.

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Support Groups In France

Problems of a more long term nature, from life threatening illnesses to stress and worries about life in France can creep up on people with little notice, but there are a number of associations who may be able to help.

Marcillac Wine

Marcillac is situated towards the north west of Aveyron at the foot of the « causses », blessed with a « micro-climate » giving rise to its milder winters and hence the production of its Marcillac wine. Red wine is predominant product of Marcillac, although rosé is also allowed within the AOC.

La Leche League

If you are about to have a baby or just had one and wish to breastfeed, it can be helpful and reassuring to have breastfeeding support in English, especially when living in a new country. The Leche League has been helping mothers in France for more than 20 years. If you live in South West France, you may contact one of the English-speaking Leaders living in France.

Lauragais – Cocagne Property Guide

The Lauragais is an area south-west of the Tarn with the pretty villages of Sorèze, Puylaurens with stunning views over the Montagne Noire and the Pyrenees. A bit further north is the Pays de Cocagne with hot spots like Lautrec and Lavaur.

Bastides & Gaillac Property Guide

This area is called the “Golden Triangle” by the estate agents as it forms a triangle between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes-sur-Ciel, which is a stunning hill top bastide town.

The Upper Tarn Valley Property Guide

This area follows the river Tarn. Coming from the west on the A68 it includes many towns such as Lisle sur Tarn, Rabastens, Albi and Gaillac. If you follow the river east after Albi,If you follow the river east after Albi you can find Saint-Juery, Ambialet and Trebas where the fantastic Gorges du Tarn can be explored.

Toddlers in Creche

Child-Care Options In Tarn & Aveyron

If you have young children (from 2 months old) who do not go to school yet (under 2 or 3 depending on the school) and you need to carry on working or have a few days off during the week, here are the child-care options in the Tarn & Aveyron.

Roquefort Shortbread

An quick recipe to make about 50 small biscuits for the apéritif using the local Roquefort cheese.

Preparation time :15 minutes
Cooking time : 12-15 minutes
Makes : 50 small biscuits

Shops, Supermarche to Bricolage

We take a look at some of the supermarkets, DIY stores, garden stores and electrical retailers you can find in the Tarn & Aveyron. From discount food stores to the big supermarkets, selling both food and non-food items. You will, no doubt, receive promotional flyers in your letter box every week, letting you know that week’s promotions.

Veau de l’Aveyron

The Aveyron is the No.1 producer of meat in the south of France and is particularly renowned for the quality of it’s meat, the Label Rouge guarantees the superior quality. In the Aveyron, and especially in Segala, the veal farmers adhere to this label and look after their calves as well as on any other animal farm.

Tarn Food & Drink

Whatever food or drink you like, you will never be hungry or thirsty in the Tarn. Tarn specialities are wide-ranging and full of flavour including specialities such as Truffles, Cepes, Wild Boar, Veal, Garlic, Echaudés Biscuits, Jambon de Lacaune,Pumpkin Pancakes which can all be accompanied by wines from Gaillac.

A Guide To Aveyron Food & Drink

Traditional Aveyron dishes, which must be tasted if you are living here or just visiting, include aligot, le Laguiole, la fouace ,Aubrac beef,foie gras, tripous, confits, stuffed cabbage, Estofinado,thrush pâté with goose liver, lamb, feuilleté au roquefort, ewes’ curds and the inevitable Roquefort accompanied by wines from Marcillac,Estaing or d’Entraygues.

Latest FrenchEntrée Tarn & Aveyron Recipes

If you want to try to compete with the true “Aveyronais” and have a little bit of time and strength, put a black hat on. Here is the recipe you can try at home before making it for your whole village!

Preparation time : 30 minutes
Cooking time : 45 minutes
Makes : 4 servings

Tarn & Aveyron Markets

Markets are a way of life for the French in the Tarn & Aveyron, and if you wish, you could visit one on most days. If you are on holiday in the Tarn or Aveyron do try and visit at least one while you are here as it is such a good way to immerse yourself and the family in French culture. Take the opportunity to sample the Tarn & Aveyron regional specialities on offer in the market with no obligation to buy, anything from local cheese, Gaillac Wine or Aligot.


English-speaking Notaires in Tarn

Whether it is for buying a house, setting up business, writing a will, or settling a dispute with a neighbour, you will need the services of a good notaire. Check out our English-speaking Notaires in Tarn here.

Gaillac Wines – Wines of The Tarn Department

Situated in the north of the Tarn departement, the Gaillac Appellation area covers 2.500 hectares spread over 73 communes, for an AOC production of over 165.000 hectolitres. The vineyard of Gaillac was one of the first growing centres in Gaul. Today, the appellation comprises of one hundred independent producers and 3 co-operative cellars.

Jean Jaurès – Born Castres (Tarn)

Jean JaurèsJean Léon Jaurès—full name Auguste Marie Joseph Jean Léon Jaurès—(born at Castres (Tarn)September 3, 1859 – Died Paris July 31, 1914) was a French Socialist leader. He was one of the first social democrats: within the Section Française de l’Internationale Ouvrière (SFIO), he opposed Jules Guesde’s refusal of socialist participation in bourgeois governments…

Caring for cats and kittens in the Tarn et Garonne

The Tarn-et-Garonne based cat charity association Chats du Quercy has launched a brand new web site in both English and French. offers a wide range of cat health and welfare information, notably to encourage neutering in order to create a smaller but healthier feline population, especially in rural areas. …