Shops, Supermarche to Bricolage

Shops, Supermarche to Bricolage

Where to spend your money

We take a look at some of the supermarkets, DIY stores and electrical retailers you can find in the Tarn & Aveyron. From discount food stores to the big supermarkets, selling both food and non-food items. You will, no doubt, receive promotional flyers in your letter box every week, letting you know that week’s promotions.

In Tarn & Aveyron the options for food shopping are somewhat more open than in the UK. Most towns still have a thriving market, there is an artisan culture providing many excellent, good value small shops, and most open early in the morning – around 8am – closing at 7pm. There is usually a two-hour lunchbreak, since the French take their food very seriously indeed. Also, beware that different towns still have a tendency to be closed on different days which is often Monday.

This is a basic list designed just to give an overview of where you can do your weekly shop and what you may find there. Over the next few months we’ll be taking a look at the best shopping experiences in the Tarn & Aveyron, where best to buy clothes, electrical items, DIY and more. As always contributions are greatly appreciated, so if you have discovered an Alladins Cave or have found a fashion hotspot then please let us know [email protected]


Hyper U, Super U, Marché U

National chain of “U” supermarkets and hypermarkets for groceries, clothing and electrical appliances. Also their own range of beauty products and a range of low priced basic food products.

Géant, Casino

Hypermarket and supermarket chain selling groceries, clothing, garden equipment, electrical appliances and offering holiday and photo services.

E Leclerc

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets for groceries, clothing and electrical appliances


Hypermarket for groceries, clothing, electrical appliances, garden equipment and furniture and toys.


Groceries, clothing for children and adults, soft furnishings and beauty products.
Intermarché: Supermarket offering a range of low cost food products.



Furniture, soft furnishings (curtains, cushions) and appliances including all white goods for the kitchen, dining, sitting and bedroom furniture and home office furnishings. Items sold flat-packed for home assembly.


White goods and home appliances including computers and cellular phones.


Swedish-owned furniture shop for all home and home office furniture, soft furnishings, home accessories, flooring, crockery and children’s toys.

Neareest store to Tarn & Aveyron is in Toulouse.


Furniture for the entire house and garden, soft furnishings and fitted kitchens and bathrooms.


Inexpensive “fashionable” furniture and home accessories. Goods include beds and free standing cupboards, out-door furniture, soft furnishings and bathroom and kitchen detail accessories.


Store for furniture and home accessories. Goods include beds and bedding, tables, chair, cupboards and office furniture.


Point P

Suppliers of building material, tiles, electricity supplies, hardware, tools, gates, fencing.

Leroy Merlin

Self-service hardware and DIY articles for the home and garden: bathroom and kitchen fittings, lighting, shelves, garden tools and furniture.


Building materials, hardware and DIY store. Also offering home installation of kitchens, bathrooms and more. Possibility to buy some products online.


Self-service hardware and DIY store with basic domestic hardware and lighting, satellite equipment, self assembly kitchen units, shelving, doors and a wide selection of yachting ropes and clips. Indoor and outdoor tiles and bathroom fittings and fixtures.

Mr Bricolage

Self service hardware and DIY store



Supplying shop fittings, retail supplies, mannequins, hangers, packaging, scissors and other office supplies.

JM Bruneau

Specialists in office furniture and stationery supplies available in bulk. Shop online only, next day delivery.


Cash and carry shop selling office furniture and supplies and wholesale groceries.

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