Water Suppliers In Tarn & Aveyron


The price of the water will be based on your consumption for most houses and there will also be an annual rental and a redevance (tax) to the Adour Garonne water agency.

Veolia Générale Des Eaux

For many villages, water is billed by Veolia générale des eaux. They have an good website where you can enter your village and find out any information such as the price, the quality of the water and view your latest bills.


In the Aveyron, they manage Capdenac, Conques, Costes Gonzon, Millau, Mur de Barrez, Rodez, Requista, Saint Affrique, Salvetat Peyrales and other villages, their addresses are :

325 r Etienne Delmas
12100 Millau

R Ferronnerie ZA de Bel
12000 Rodez
Tel : 0811 900 500

Opening Time : Mondays to Fridays Air0730 to 1930 and Saturdays 0900 to 1200
Emergency 24/24

Website: www.generale-des-eaux.com


In the Tarn, they manage many villages and the office is:

Veolia Eau Compagnie Générale des Eaux
40 r François Thermes
81990 Puygouzon
Tel : 0 811 902 903
Opening time Mondays to Fridays from 0900 to 1200 and Saturday 0900 to 1200.
Emergency 24h/24h.

Website: www.generale-des-eaux.com


Some villages are managed by SAUR France

Saur France
1 chem L’Oustalet
46800 Montcuq
Tel : 05 65 24 20 25
Opening Times : 0800 to 1800 and emergency 24/24
website: www.saur.com


Some others are managed by the town or group of villages (SAEP : Syndicat approvisionement eau potable or Regie Municipale des Eaux, Syndicat intercommunal des Eaux etc ).

To find out who manages your water, ask the previous owner or your mairie.


In the Tarn & Aveyron, many rural houses have one or several wells or tanks which collect rain water. Buying a pump to use this water for watering your plants is a great investment to reduce your consumption.

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