Not sure how many points you have left on your French licence? Well now you can check via a government website thanks to new rules that came in during July 2007.

To access your details, your first step is to get your own pin number or access code. This can be done either by going in person to the prefecture’s office or via the post.

If you go in person you need to take your driving licence – permis de conduire – plus another form of identity such as a passport. You will then be given your code, although it will take up to 24 hours for your code to be activated. You can, however, immediately find out how many of your 12 points remain from the prefecture’s office.

If you prefer to do it all by post, you will need to include in your letter to the your local prefect, a photocopy of your permis de conduire plus another form of identity, and importantly, a self-addressed envelope that has to be prepaid as a registered letter – avec accusé de réception.

Once your account is activated, you will be able to check your ‘account’, although if you think you may have got a ticket, don’t expect it to be recorded instantly, as updating your record will take time. For more information, see

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