The Autoroute in France: An Infographic

The Autoroute in France: An Infographic

The autoroute in France is familiar to us all. From north to south, east to west, from Lyon down to the Riviera on the mythical, almost sensory route du soleil, a humble stretch of French road can be a source of holiday anticipation and frustration in equal measure.

You might have spent plenty of time wending your way around France on her huge network of motorways and think you know them well enough, but new information just published by the association that maintains, promotes and represents the network, has some intriguing facts and figures for all drivers in France to ponder.

For instance, did you know that the 1970s was the most prolific period for construction, or that there are 133 toll plazas across the country?

Petrolheads, we salute you – enjoy these road stats from


Need to plan your route and check how much the tolls will cost you? Use this handy autoroute toll planner.

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