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If you are visiting on an extended stay, or have moved to your new area in France your Mairie is the place to start in order to enrol your child in school.

To obtain information about school enrolment in France from abroad you can check the official Ministry of Education website (in French) or write to the Inspecteur d’Académie of the departemente that you will be living in. See List of Académies

To enrol your child you will be asked for various pieces of information to complete the registration “l’inscription”.

These are:

Your child’s birth certificate or passport (or your passport if the child is on yours)

Proof of immunisation.

You should bring your child’s health records to show which immunisations they had and when. Children will need to have been immunised against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis) and polio. Children arriving from the UK to attend school in France may not have had the vaccination for tuberculosis, BCG. They will need to have the vaccination and produce a certificate before they are allowed to attend school. This should be arranged in good time before the start of the term as it requires two visits to your local health centre. Doctors can also give the vaccination. You’ll need to buy the serum yourself from a pharmacy. The doctor will give you the prescription. The serum doesn’t keep well so arrange to collect it on the day the vaccination is scheduled for. Certainly younger children will be required by the school to have had the BCG, but you may find that secondary schools are not bothered. A word to the wise, the ’bouton’ left by the BCG is large, very red and constantly peeling and hangs around for a long, long time. That’s sadly perfectly normal.

Proof of residence

Either a recent utility bill in your name or proof of residence

Evidence of insurance
see Assurance Scolaire

After completing the registration at the Mairie you will be given a form to take to your school on your child’s first day. The school will also give you some forms to complete regarding contact information and requesting permission to take your child to hospital or give them medical attention in an emergency etc. You can also arrange insurance yourself through your insurance agent.

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