What Is a Livret de Famille in France?


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What Is a Livret de Famille in France?

If you have a French spouse or children born in France, you may have come across the green booklet known as a Livret de Famille. Here’s what you need to know about this important document.

What is the Livret de Famille?

The Livret de Famille is a passport-style document designed to record all the major administrative acts that occur during one’s lifetime pertaining to a family. For example, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, etc, as well as proof of ID/Titre de Sejour, etc.  Extracts of these certificates are copied into the book and stamped by an official, serving as proof of these key life events.

It is your legal responsibility to keep your Livret de Famille up to date in the event of any changes (a marriage or divorce, for example).

How do I obtain a Livret de Famille?

A Livret de Famille is only available to French citizens or family members. This means that in order to receive a Livret de Famille, you will need to have French citizenship, be married to a French person, or be the parent of a French child (if at least one of the parents are French). You will be issued your Livret de Famille upon reception of your French nationality, wedding certificate, or the birth certificate of your child.

Is a Livret de Famille essential?

No. It is entirely possible to navigate the French administration system without one. However, if you do have one, it can be very handy to have proof of all of these key documents in one place. You will be asked for your Livret de Famille when registering children in school or registering with a medecin traitant (doctor), for example.

Can I make my own Livret de Famille?

Yes, why not? It may not be the ‘official’ document but it will essentially do the same job. The Livret de Famille simplifies the French administration process by grouping lots of different essential documents into one, but there is no reason why you can’t do this yourself and keep a file of such documents ready to go.

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  •  Judith DYE
    2023-09-28 10:46:03
    Judith DYE
    My daughter is British but has lived in France since 2004 when the family moved over. She now lives with a French guy and their son was born in France a week ago. Dad went to the Mairie to register the birth and get the livret de famille. They have refused to put my daughter on it saying it is because she is not French. She has a mention in some side note. Is this correct? Sounds unacceptable and discriminatory but I would like confirmation.


    • Zoë Smith
      2023-09-29 14:14:53
      Zoë Smith
      Hi Judith, A Livret de Famille is only issued to French citizens, so this isn't discriminatory, it's simply because your daughter is not a French citizen - she is a British citizen resident in France. As outlined in the article, the Livret de Famille is only administrative - it doesn't actually unlock any advantages or benefits, other than just speeding up certain processes. Your daughter will be able to use it for administrative services concerning her son, such as enrolling him in school, daycare, etc. Best regards, Zoe