Five reasons to get married in France

Five reasons to get married in France

Are you thinking of tying the knot in France? Here are five reasons that will make up your mind…

1. Fairytale châteaux
The sheer number of ridiculously scenic stone châteaux or manor houses in France means that ideal wedding venues present themselves in just about any town in any region of the country. Have you ever secretly dreamed of awakening in a princess-style turret, and descending the stone staircase of your castle to be wed to your handsome prince? No, me neither… But that can be the reality of your wedding day if you choose to get married in France. Just saying.

Picturesque chapels and village churches are everywhere in France, too – so you can say your vows in a wonderfully ancient building whether or not you’ve opted for a religious ceremony. And for a reception with the wow factor, rent a country house for your friends and family at a far more reasonable rate than you’ll find in the UK and elsewhere. You could be set atop the olive-groved hills overlooking the bay of Cannes; nestled amongst the vineyards of Bordeaux; or along the wild, rocky coastline of Brittany – difficult though it may be, the choice is yours.

2. Champers
Chances are your wedding celebrations will involve a fair bit of wine, and if we’re honest, it’ll likely be French wine wherever you are. But exported French wines are far more expensive than they are in their native land, and – I’ll let you in on a secret – the French often keep the best vintages for themselves.

If your wedding takes place in France you have easy access to the very best wine, at the very best prices. Champagne is one of your big day’s most important investments – what if you were actually getting married on a vineyard in Champagne itself? Endless supplies, that’s what.

Couple getting married in France

3. Unspoilt landscapes
France’s topography is as diverse as that of any country in Europe. Towering mountain ranges run from the Atlantic Ocean to the Med, contrasting crashing surf to the west with swanky yachts to the east. Lushly verdant hills roll from Normandy to the Loire, and rushing rivers connect the gorges of the south to the parched soils of sun-scorched Provence. In such a beautiful country, these breath-taking landscapes will create unforgettable wedding memories for you and your guests.

4. Top-notch nosh
As the self-proclaimed world capital of gastronomy, anyone who’s spent a holiday in France will know how frankly difficult it is to have a bad meal there. Food is not only the backbone of French society, but of the country’s very identity, and the quality of food there is so high that you won’t necessarily have to fork out on an expensive caterer. The most modest of bakeries produce exquisite pastries and cakes on a daily basis, and a local patissier can work wonders for a wedding order. A wedding breakfast à la français… sounds délicieux, doesn’t it?


5. Sunshine!
The south of France is truly blessed with a near-perfect climate. The Côte d’Azur enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year, with mild winters and hot summers tempered by a light sea breeze. On the Mediterranean coast, summer days bask in 12 hours of sunshine each day and an average temperature of 27 degrees, whereas the Atlantic coast is slightly milder. Further north, the Paris region still enjoys reliably pleasant summers – and even in the Alps the sun shines just as brightly, albeit with a coolness to the fresh mountain air.

With the odds so blatantly on your side, you can forget about the inevitable, endless fretting over the weather forecast that accompanies planning a wedding in lesser-blessed climates. So a wedding in France means gorgeous venues, guaranteed sunshine, and gourmet food and wine to boot – are you convinced yet?

Did you get married in France? Tell us your stories in the comments below – including any mishaps that met you along the way!

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With a BA in French and History of Art from the University of Bristol, Florence spent a year living in Paris, studying Art History at the Sorbonne and working in publishing. She travels regularly back to France for both work and pleasure. Florence's passion for France revolves around its gastronomy, art and pleasure-seeking lifestyle, and the rebellious streak found only in a nation constantly looking for an excuse to go on strike!

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  • southerly
    2015-07-08 10:49:57
    We are getting married on September 1st this year after nearly 30 years together. Why, well for Angela it's a 'woman thing' and very important. For me, being of dour lowland Scots heritage it's all about the financial advantages. Not being hypocrites we would never countenance a church wedding, indeed we are both looking forward to getting spliced by our mayor Ann Blanc, who we know personally since we are involved in the local life of our commune. She has been most helpful in dealing with the paperwork. But for the fact that we are foreigners, the ceremony would have been cost free unlike the UK where you pay for everything. We looked at getting married in Gretna Green - forget it, it's all about how much they can make out of you, it would have cost plenty which we would prefer to spend on a honeymoon. For the simple 'coutoume') paperwork the British Embassy will stiff you for €92 each. For the translation of birth certificates and in the case of my partner a deed poll document - €253. Most of our guests will be French and we are lucky in that the reception will be held literally 60M from where we live and our friend Laurent is an excellent chef and our witnesses are Phillipe and Chantelle who run an artisanal bakery and Phillipe will be making the cake. I want to supply the wine and no way will we waste money on champagne, a good quality sparkling wine and the difference spent on the food. It is the custom here that the guests make an awful lot of noise with their car horns to let everyone know that two brave souls are taking the plunge. Everyone is demanding that I wear 'the plaid' - no way - cool and casual for me. Of course I will have to make a speech, most of which I should be able to do in French with help from Phillipe _ i am expecting lots of ribald comments from Brits and French alike - vamos a ver.


  • lindal1000
    2015-07-02 06:45:51
    As long as you remember that, unless you are a resident or have family links to France, you have to actually 'get married' in the UK first for it to be legal. The French bit is just the window dressing after. Mind you, that might be an advantage if you want the big party but don't want the hassle of being tied to someone for the rest of your life.


    • Florence Derrick
      2015-07-03 14:58:58
      Florence Derrick
      It's true – the legalities are the most complicated part of getting married in France as only French civil ceremonies are legally binding. Read up on how to arrange getting married in France here -