C’est magnifique! France is at the top of the world

C’est magnifique! France is at the top of the world

France has the magic. The proof is in the gatêaux. Once again, according to a study released yesterday, France came up in first place as the world’s most visited country. And the French are delighted with the news. So why do we love France so much? What is the magical touch that lures tourists by the millions?

Attracting 84,7 million tourists in 2013, France remains comfortably in the lead as the world’s top tourist destination beating the next contender, the US, by more than 14 million.

Visitors come from far and wide including 13 million from Germany, 12,6 from the UK and 4,2 million from the USA. With so many choices of places to see, foods to eat, wines to drink and photo opportunities to make your friends jealous on social media, we want to know the truth: why do YOU choose France?

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Are you ready to plan your next trip to France? Here’s some inspiration for you.

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  • Sophia Mose
    2014-08-13 11:23:25
    Sophia Mose
    Hi Sylvia, fun poll. I'm curious to see the results. I know that for many of my countrymen the south of France is the closest area by car with a high chance of good weather. Maybe add "climate" to the options and I think it'll get a lot of ticks :-)