France will pay you to stay sober on the road

France will pay you to stay sober on the road

In a bid to motivate drivers to either stay off the bottle or stay off the road, the Gendarmes in the department of Var in the South of France are trying a different approach.

Varmatin reports that any driver stopped for a contrôle routier in the Toulon surrounding areas tonight after the traditional New Year’s Eve parties are under way (la Réveillon de la Saint Sylvestre), and who tests negative for alcohol, will receive a fuel gift certificate for a value of 20 euros.

This innovative campaign comes on the heels of the announcement that the department has effectively reduced the number of accidents by 8% compared to last year. Could this mean that the French authorities are adopting “la positive attitude” and reinforcing desired behavior rather than merely punishing those at fault?

Anything that makes roads safer is worth a good try. If you go out to a Réveillon party tonight, the prevention campaigns recommend designating a “capitan de soirée” member of the group who will not drink and drive you safely home.

In another nod to modernity can now follow the Gendarmerie de Var on Twitter @gendarmerie83

Bonne route!


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