Moving house within France

Mimi and John live near Rennes in Brittany. Twelve months ago they packed up all their things and moved their young family to another town just 2km away. In spite of the short distance involved, there was plenty to do!

Glorious game, hunting for your supper

Hunting in Limousin is far removed from the traditional view we hold of hunting back in the UK. The hunt is an important source of free food and forms the basis of many of the traditional Limousin family meals.

Traditional Gite in France

Setting up and Running a Gîte in France

Rural gîtes, hold a great appeal both for holiday makers who love that type of holiday as well as for property owners. Here, Indra Balassoupramaniane of Tee France provides some practical and legal advice on how to set up and manage a rural gîte.

From India to Sainte Nathalene via Guernsey!

Not everyone who moves to the Dordogne is at the end of their working life and looking forward to taking it easy. It also has its attractions for those at the other end of the age scale, embarking on a new ‘career’ with a young family. Natalie and Patrick McAlpine have taken just such a step.

A Vegetable Plot in the Lot

I spent the better part of this afternoon upside down with my head in our rainwater cistern battling the all predatory forces of heaven and earth. I think I’m winning.
Spring is the time for grand designs, and for years now, we have aspired but failed to keep up with the Jones’s, or more precisely, the Bousquets. But this year will be different…

Buddhism thrives in the Dordogne

The tranquil setting of the Moulin de Chaves offers an oasis of calm in a bustling world. The days start with an early morning call. “This is what we use to wake people up or get them to meals or meditation sessions,” Martin said, as we stood inside a wooden structure with a Japanese roof…

Buying and Renovating an Auction Property

Image not found.Buying a property at auction is an exciting prospect – buying an auction property that needs total renovation promised to be an even bigger challenge for James and Vanessa HOPKINS. In the first of a two part story, Vanessa describes the purchase process…

Dordogne Bridge

Is Dordogne France’s safe haven?

Global economic slowdown, inflation, exchange rate misery, failing investments… they are everywhere you look in today’s world. Yet in this tranquil corner of SW France the reverberations of these things seem less important. The region still offers the same great reasons for buying that it always has…

Swimming Pool

A Place in the Sun : Home or Away

We managed to escape the brunt of the current credit crunch with help from the show Place in the Sun: Home or Away (Northern Ireland v. France) on Channel 4. We are Stephen Kerlin, an electrician from Derry, Northern Ireland and Christina See, a translator from High Wycombe, England and we now run Chambres d’hotes (B&B) in Mazamet in the Southern Tarn.

Electrical system in France ©Raland

French Electrical Systems

The standard domestic electricity supply in France is single phase 230 volts, 50Hz. What makes life more interesting is the fact that you can choose your level of power supply. Read our useful guide about electricity supply in France…

‘The French love English roses!’

Despite no professional horticultural experience, Charles and Charlotte Liddell moved to France and opened a nursery selling David Austin roses. Here, Charlotte tells the story of their first year – and gives their tips for growing roses successfully

The Traditional Limousin Larder

A brief history of the region’s food. We look at the foodstuffs traditionally grown and reared in Limousin through the ages. We also take a look at some local recipes with their particular regional variations.

Castres Property Guide

Castres is a bustling market town and has been tastefully redeveloped and the Place Jean Jaures is now stunning. Its old world charm is typified by the balconied tanners’ and weavers’ properties overhanging the water.Many houses are made of limestone. Castres, and its surrounding countryside, has a good selection of competitively priced farmsteads and “maisons de maître” for sale.

Segala – Viaur Property Guide

This is also called the land of the 100 valleys. This is a rural area with spectacular, unspoilt countryside dotted with thick stone-walled 17th- to 19th century cottages, barns and farms which have been fully or partially restored or are still waiting to be converted.

A Gîte in France – from the French Perspective

Long before the British started renting out their properties there was ‘Gîte de France’, the official French body that controls and administers the gîtes in its network. FrenchEntrée spoke to one French gîte owner, who has run a gîte business for the past seven years.

Barn Renovation in the Lot

Image not found.Leslee Carsewell, originally from the East Coast of the US fell in love with France at an early age and dreamt of one day having a house there. Here she tells the story of her barn purchase and renovation.

Why I Chose…an Historic Mill in Mayenne

Image not found.How did you find your French house? And why did you choose it? What lessons have you learnt? Each month FrenchEntrée asks a homeowner to explain their choice of property in France. This month we talk to Nicki Newman in the Pays de la Loire region

Why I chose… gîtes in Deux-Sèvres

Image not found.How do you find your French house? Why did you choose it? And what lessons have you learnt? Each month FrenchEntrée asks a homeowner to explain their choice of property in France. This month we talk to…….Graeme and Graziella Swan

Retiring to France?

Moving to France is a big step whatever age you are. But there are some issues that are more like to affect those retiring or planning to retire. Elaine Douglas gives advice on what to expect and how to deal with it.


Property Guide Auvergne

Départements:Allier (03), Cantal (15), Haute-Loire (43), Puy-de-Dôme (63)
Do you like the great outdoors and dramatic landscapes on your doorstep? Do you want to avoid expat enclaves and well-trodden tourist …

Food and Drink in the Dordogne

Much has been written about great food and wine in France and specifically from the Dordogne. This region is famous for rich cuisine unique to the area. Think of exotic truffles, smooth foie gras, and aromatic walnut oil and you will think of the Dordogne…

north-east pillar of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

French National Anthem: La Marseillaise

The french national anthem “La Marseillaise” got its name during the French revolution because it was sung by troops from Marseille upon arriving in Paris. Here are the words in French and English.

restored pigeon towers

Pigeon Houses in the Tarn – Pigeonniers

House-hunters in France have a new flight of fancy by buying and restoring Pigeonniers. Pigeon towers can be the most elegant of farm buildings, often more appealing than the houses to which they belong. Wide interest is now taken in the pigeon houses themselves despite the fact that they were in reality only part of farming properties.


Perpignan Property Update

Image not found. Property agent, Louise Sayers, explains why more and more of her clients are looking to buy property in this southern French city offering excellent investment potential, easy transport links to the UK and Spain and just 15 minutes from golden sandy beaches. “Property Update”

Eiffel tower

Normandy, the 21st district of Paris?

Normandy is the countryside of Paris and second home to many a Parisien. In fact, Parisiens refer to Normandy as the 21st district of Paris! So the Brits are not the only ones interested in the region…

Pork Loin with Wild Ceps

Autumn is the perfect time for this delicious recipe, cèpes abound in the countryside and there are always plenty of enterprising locals in the markets who’ve taken the back break out of the endeavour for you! Autumn is also the time for inexpensive pork…

Introducing Normande cuisine

As can be expected of a region boasting both an extensive coastline and a fertile interior, the range of produce on offer in Normandy is varied and rich and Norman cooking is one of the grand cuisines of France. The extensive coastline provides an abundance of fresh seafood, the lush green pastures of the Normandy countryside is ideal grazing for dairy herds and cattle and the apple orchards give delicious fruit that is used to make a variety of ciders and Calvados. It is not therefore surprising that Normandy cuisine has a distinct identity with its own favourite ingredients: apples, cider, cream and butter…

Ski place in France

The Sporting Life in France

Image not found.Sport is something the French take very seriously. It’s not only the taking part and the strong competitive spirit, but also the whole ethos of what you’re going to wear. The ‘sporty’ Frenchman chooses his wardrobe for every sport…

One for the pot – chicken in France

Image not found.King Henri IV of France is reputed to have promised “A chicken in every peasant’s pot every Sunday.” He supposedly made the statement during his coronation address around the end of the 16th century. Four hundred years later, the French come close to his ideal. Today, each person in France …

Why not a gite complex…

Image not found.A former owner of a gîte complex writes about the day-to-day complexities and realities of running a holiday rental business in France…

George Sand and the Vallee Noire

Image not found.This area of La Chatre, called the Vallee Noire, is dedicated to the memory of George Sand. She spent much of her time at Nohant Chateau. Bought by her grandmother, in 1793, it is now designated a national monument to commemorate this…

George Sand – 19th Century Novelist with Modern Ideas

George Sand, (1804–1876), whose real name was Amandine Aurore Lucile Dupin, was a woman ahead of her time whose works and lifestyle were both controversial and fascinating to her national and international audiences. She defied the conventions of the time by smoking ….

Rescuing Stray Dogs in France

There are three kinds of dogs in France. Firstly there are the upper classes, the pampered and protected pooches, coiffured within an inch of their lives that trot obediently beside their mistresses in the elegant city streets. Then there are their country cousins, farm dogs and family pets living the outdoor, rough and tumble life on vast tracts of agricultural land in and around the little villages and hamlets. But it’s the third kind that are probably the most vulnerable…

Languedoc Roussillon Restaurants

The passionate region of the Languedoc Roussillon delights in its strong culinary traditions which are attributed to the unique and diverse blend of its multi-cultural peoples. Here we showcase some of the chefs and restaurants which are putting Languedoc cuisine on the map, as well as some more traditional restaurants which are highly recommended! Bon Appetit! “Restaurants in Languedoc-Roussillon”

Cottage in France

Where should I buy my house in the Dordogne?

“Cottage near Rouffignac”Choosing an area to buy into will depend on particular wishes and needs, as well as your own personal taste. I recently met a couple at Bergerac airport who had been looking for a holiday home around Sarlat. I asked them if they liked woods…

Belgian Beer in France

La Ferme de Laubicherie is a very special place to stay. The Chambres d’Hôte, at Lanouille near Limoges (Dordogne), are catered for with a traditional Table d’Hôte…But the most special thing about this farm, and the reason for my visit, is the micro-brewery.

Camargue Rice

“Camargue red rice”Rice might seem a pretty ordinary food, an item we take for granted. It goes with our curry or risotto, it is more of an add-on than a feature ingredient. But the majority of rice consumed in France is grown right here in the south of France, in the Delta of the Rhône valley. And not just any rice, but many varieties, including the gourmet red rice used by the best chefs. This has a great colour, fantastic texture and nutty flavour.

Camargue Rice from the Languedoc, and Rice Salad Recipe

A look at the traditional rice cultivation in the region, and a yummy recipe too! The first cultivation of rice in the Camargue dates back to around 1600. There are now 10,000 hectares of rice grown in the region, much of it exported across the world.
“Camargue Rice”