Versailles, It’s All about the Nose

On the rue de la Chancellerie, a mere 100m from the palace, the Mayor of Versailles previewed the Cour des Senteurs or courtyard of scents. The idea behind the development is to invite visitors to stroll around the garden and

French Christmas table

Celebrate the New Year with French Style

In France New Year’s Eve is called la Saint-Sylvestre or la fête de la Saint- Sylvestre, named after the saint of the day – a pope from 314 to 335 AD. It is traditionally celebrated with a special meal, Le

Photo by Alex Brown via Flickr

Brittany cider: a treat for all seasons

Breton ciders are a clear or cloudy beverage made from apples, with a fine foamy head and bubbles in the body of the liquid. Delicious summer and winter, and the perfect partner to a galette Bretonne.