Marchons, Marchons… To the Shops! It’s Sales Season in France

Marchons, Marchons… To the Shops! It’s Sales Season in France

The summer sales in France officially start today. There are two official sales season: summer and winter. Each sales period has a definitive start date that is uniform across the country. The timing of the end of the sale is more flexible as the date is determined by each Department. However, expect a sales period to be about five weeks long.

It is not uncommon to find really deep discounts on perfectly good stock even on fashion for the current season. The trick is that the most sought after sizes and styles go first, even on the first day. As the weeks go by and it gets later into the sales season the store will discount even more, but the choice will be narrowing. So you may find offers announcing a second or third price cut but mostly what’s left is the larger or very small sizes. Discounts are not just for fashion or accessories, of course, it covers every commercial outlet in the country so it’s a great time to find discounts for gardeners and DIY’ers on tools, materials, and a perfect time to stock up on books and office supplies.

Remember to check return policies, particularly if you’re visiting, as many stores will not reimburse your purchase but will offer a credit voucher instead with a specific time limit to use it.

Hurry to the shops now, or wait again until winter. The next season starts on January 8, 2014.

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