Only a mother can rejoice at the gift of a noodle necklace as if they had just received a Chopard diamond sautoir.  All over the country on the last Sunday in May, rosy-cheeked little cherubs will proudly offer up their hand-made creations that they learned to make à l’école.

Grown up children will take their mothers out to a special meal at a gastronomic restaurant. If the celebration is at home, tables will be extended, chairs pulled up, a few special bottles dusted off from the cave and a sensational dessert ordered from the pâtissserie. The meal will last several hours, savouring each course slowly, talking about ‘everything and nothing’, and savouring above all the simplest pleasure of spending time together.

To all mothers out there, in all their incarnations, biological, adoptive, foster, spiritual and earth, a very happy day! Bonne fête à toutes les mamans!

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