Taste of the Terroir: Alsace

Every region of France has a unique personality and Alsace is no different: more pork is consumed here than anywhere else in the country, fried carp and chips is the norm and its speciality foods have a distinctly German flavour.

Business opportunities for expats

If you are planning to relocate to France and are still at the age where you need an income you may be dreaming of setting up your own business. Perhaps you know exactly what it is you want to do, or are looking for a business opportunity in France. Read our Practical Guide

Lyon bouchon entrees

French food picks: 10 great Lyonnais entrées

When you are planning to visit Lyon, the French ‘Capital of Gastronomy’, it’s vital to not miss out on the best culinary experiences on offer in the city’s legendary bouchons and restaurants. A typical French dinner is a proper feast, long and filling and full of

French Comfort Food in Lyon

  It was a Saturday in July and my son and I had just arrived in Lyon, the city described as the ‘world capital of gastronomy’. Our quest was the restaurant ‘Chez Mounier’, a bouchon at 3 Rue des Marronniers,

Film review: Looking for Hortense

Director: Pascal Bonitzer Starring: Jean-Pierre Bacri, Kristin Scott Thomas, Isabelle Carré Cert: 12A Running time: 100 mins Damien (Bacri) lives in Paris with his partner Iva (Scott Thomas) and their young son Noé (Marin Orcand Torrès) in a beautiful bourgeois apartment. But when

Book review: Paris Gourmet, Trish Deseine

The Paris Gourmet Trish Deseine, Flammarion, £22.50 There are so many restaurants and pâtisserie windows in Paris that someone like Trish – a top food writer who has lived in the French capital for the past 30 years – had to come along to help

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Asking directions

Need help asking for directions in French? No problem. Check out these handy French phrases.

Couple look at Alexander 3rd Bridge and Eiffel Tower Paris France

Valentine’s Day and Romance in France

The French are renowned as a nation of romantics. From the amorous cartoon skunk Pépé le Pew with his overcooked accent to gorgeous actors like Jean Dujardin and Gregory Fitoussi, the romantic ideal often adopts a French accent. And, of

Le Corbusier Foundation, at Firminy Vert

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Saint-étienne

Located south west of Lyon in the Rhône-Alps, Saint-Étienne is a design fan’s dream. From funky galleries and museums to architectural gems out of town, it’s a perfect place for a city break weekend.

Table decoration

What is a Réveillon in France?

According to French tradition, a proper réveillon will bring prosperity to the household. A réveillon is a long dinner, and possibly party, held on the evenings preceding Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


My village: At home in St-Antonin

I always knew we’d chosen wisely when we bought our house in France, but now everyone can get a flavour of where we live. Our small town, St Antonin Noble Val, is the setting for the recently-released film, The Hundred-foot

Chocolate Rocks

 I remember a meal I had at a Michelin restaurant in the center of France where, at the very end of the meal, they brought a small tray to the table filled with chocolates, tiny lemony madeleines, and miniature cookies.

The food and drink of Rhône-Alpes

Home to the country’s ‘gastronomic capital’, Lyon, as well as famous Alpine resorts such as Méribel and Chambéry, the Rhône-Alpes region has plenty to offer in the way of hearty, traditional dishes, as well as innovative Michelin quality menus.

Gourmet hotspots in Paris

Hidden gems have their place, but the French capital boasts many well-known names it would be wrong to ignore. Here are our top gourmet hotspots, from Café de Flore to Fauchon. Paris wouldn’t be the same without them.

Foie gras explained

A look at the different French foie gras products. Being unused to this product in the UK, the various forms of foie gras can be confusing at first.

Style and Substance – Paris Design Week

On the calendar of unmissable events in Paris, the week of September 9-15 has its own reserved spot. Everybody is back from their congés, refreshed, tanned and detoxed, and ready to exercise some of that unique brand of Parisian élan.

Taste of the Terroir

Of the many local products protected by an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) label are five types of cheese: Bleu d’Auvergne, Cantal, Fourme d’Ambert, Saint Nectaire and Salers. See them take shape on the Route des Fromages, which points out 40 places of interest.

Taste of the terroir: Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Situated between the sea and the farmlands of the Avesnois and the Monts des Flandres, Nord-Pas de Calais offers an unexpected cuisine which will delight the palate of the adventurous in quest of lovely culinary surprises.

Niçois specialities

We all look forward to trying the local delicacies when on holiday in France and Nice on the French Riviera has plenty for foodies to get their teeth into!

Fabulous for foodies

There’s nothing quite like settling down to a delicious local speciaility in a bustling city bistro for a true taste of France. Just take Lyon for example, or Bordeaux, Dijon…

Missing Indian food? Perfect Chicken Dopiaza

If you are like me you will undoubtably miss a good curry every now and then, not so easy to track down a good curry in this lovely region, so there is of course a good reason to go out, buy yourself a good selection of spices and have a go at making your own.

Eating Out in Dieppe

Fancy dining out in Dieppe? Rob Silverstone, author of best-selling novel A Mule in Rouen tells us about some of his favourite eateries in Dieppe’s ‘Le Pollet’ district – guaranteed to tickle your taste buds….

Cahors Restaurants, Bistros and Bars

The medieval city of Cahors has a wide variaty of delightful eating place from the grand (and expensive) for that special occasion through to the simple Bistro that will provide a substantial lunch for under €10 per person. The listings are grouped by type of restaurant from Gastronomique to Pizzerias…

Rhone-Alpes Restaurants

Please select a Rhone-Alpes restaurant from the FrenchEntrée Rhone-Alpes business directory. Make sure that you find the perfect venue when you eat out in the Aquitaine region. You can search via the departments of the Ain, Ardeche, Drome, Haute Savoie,

Melting pot logo

Melting Pot

Melting Pot is an association, based in Darnac in the northern Haute Vienne aimed at the integration of all nationalities living in the surrounding areas.

French dictionary

All in all, all’s well!

‘Tout’ basically means ‘all’, but it is used in a number of ways in different expressions. Since it can be an adjective, a pronoun, an adverb or a noun, there …

Restaurant in Nimes – Le Bouchon du Marché

Every once in a blue moon, while on my travels with Mrs Sandford, I make the mistake of driving into a town or city I don’t know looking for a place to eat. So, here a little gem in Nimes for your address book in case you find yourself wandering its pretty streets! “Le Bouchon du Marché”

French dictionary

Where are we now?

There are separate articles on the use of à/au/à la/à l’/aux and en, but we will look here are other prepositions of place. Some of these prepositions can be used …

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Villager double fronted stoves are ideal for homes and pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants etc. that have, or wish to create a central chimney setting as a focal point in a large room. Villager offer the following range of double

Typical dishes of Normandy

So what are the local specialities of Normandy? And what’s actually in them? We demystify those untranslatable dishes and change your menu nightmare in to menu heaven!


A la Normande / Vallée d’Auge

Omelette – à la Mère Poulard

Joue de Bœuf

Andouille de Vire

Agneau de pré-salé

Tripes à la mode de Caen