Popcorn in Paris

Popcorn in Paris

What to do on a balmy night in Paris with your sweetheart? Head for the drive-in of course! A movie and a cheesburger and fries for dinner is on the menu at the original event organized by Fiat and film company MK2 when the Grand Palais will be turning into a midwestern American town for a few days.

The immense interior space of this 18th century hall will morph into a faux drive-in complete with Fiat 500’s supplying some seating. They’ll be screening drive-in classics like Psycho, Grease, The Big Lewoski and Pulp Fiction. To complete the experience there’ll be a free admission roller skating rink during the day that turns into a dance floor at night and a (decent) burger joint.

The drive-in theater holds 1000 people and opens June 10-12. Here’s more information for your dose of Americana:


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