Amicale Creusoise de Véhicules D’Epoque

Amicale Creusoise de Véhicules D’Epoque

We belong to a classic car club here in Creuse called the “Amicale Creusoise de Véhicules d’Epoque“. The club site has a calendar for the year, plus members’ cars and photos of past events.

We are fortunate enough to have the President of the club, Alain Coldre, as our neighbour. Alain also runs a website called . We’d lived here for about three days when he knocked on our door and told us “I have heard your engine” and introduced himself (we have a 1972 MGB V8 Roadster). We have been extremely lucky as the club gained us entry into French friendship and customs far quicker than we would have achieved otherwise. In our third month of living in France we attended the AGM and I was kissed by 40 French people! It is like one big family and growing in popularity.

The club is open to all marques and there is a wide variety of interesting cars in the club. We have an active calendar, sometimes displaying at local villages and fêtes and sometimes touring around Creuse and neighbouring departments, visiting interesting and/or beautiful places that we hadn’t previously found. Whole families can come as children are welcome and we have found that French children are very respectful and well-behaved. We sometimes take picnics and in the colder months have lunches organised at country auberges. On journées du Patrimoine we often have free entry into museums, chateaux and other historically interesting buildings.

Car meet

We have access to help, advice and support in the running of our classic cars with everyone willing and eager to “muck in” and we have breakdown mechanics for whenever needed, whether out on a club run or round and about in our every-day cars.

Sheelagh & Terry Tearne

Near Moutier D’Ahun

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