Montaigut le Blanc

King of the Castle

Terry Ferdinand, who has a holiday home in the Creuse department, shares with us the delights of an unexpected trip around a local château. Terry and his wife were on their weekly shopping trip to Gueret but managed to fit in a fascinating history lesson en route.

French door

Security for your Limousin Home

Have you taken adequate safety precautions to secure the contents of your home? Country homes are often not as secure as they could be. Old doors with woefully inadequate locks make an ideal target for thieves. How to secure your property…

Electricity tariffs in France

There are three options for electricity tariffs, Base, Heures Creuses and Tempo. Base is a set price per kWh depending on the power supply, which can be from 3 – 36 kVA. Most properties which opt for this option choose either 6 or 9 kVA. The higher powers are usually for someone running business machinery.

Having a Baby in Limousin

Well you have made the big move to Limousin, just starting to feel settled and then you find out you are expecting a baby. No one would be surprised if your first reaction is “I want to go home.” Don’t panic help is at hand..

Tagines – the north African connection

Through the historic connections between France and Morocco, they are now very popular here. A tagine is a spicy, flavourful and exotic dish that is easy to make and reveals the cultural connections between France and Morocco.

Ce n’est pas grave!

Andrea and Bruce describe the local population’s enthusiastic, if somewhat bemused, reaction to their recent opening of a vegetarian Chambres d’Hôtes in the Creuse department of central France.

Fall foundations being made

A Diary of a Barn Conversion in the Limousin – Part 6

June has turned out to be a good month despite the continuing rain! We have had no further problems with water getting in thank goodness, so we started the month with concrete being poured in the trenches for the foundation walls and in the hangar ready for the workshop …

Qui sommes-nous ?

Stovesellers sont les distributeurs principaux en France d’appareils britanniques à bois et à combustible solide basés dans le centre de la France. Nous sommes spécialisés dans l’approvisionnement et l’installation d’appareils de chauffage et de cuisson utilisant des combustibles solides. Stovesellers

Nursery Places

Free Nursery places in the Limousin as in much of France are over subscribed. As a result priority is given to children who are 3 years of age or over. …

‘To enjoy France you have to fit it’

Wanda Glowinska-Rizzi had long wanted to live in France. She has finally made it to the Creuse from England via New York and Paris – and along the way got married to a French man. She has useful advice for other foreigners trying to live a French life