Breton Music

Breton Music

History and Traditions

The regional music of Brittany is unique and covers all genres from Celtic style with obvious maritime influences to folk styles and electric pop bands.

This all comes together courtesy of various fantastic festivals throughout the region and throughout the year. But this is not a music movement which limits itself to the borders of Brittany, the whole Celtic ‘fringe’ nations are invited and encouraged. The music and arts of the Irish, Scots, Welsh, Manx, Cornish and Basque nations flood together at these events.

The Breton term for a festival is Fez and for a night festival is Fez Noz – beware, they are events to remember!

Pan-Celtic festivals such as the InterCeltic Festival of Lorient are something unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

The popular reminder of Brittany’s past are also to be found in tradition Breton dances and traditional Breton costumes. The Breton peoples do not just take their heritage seriously, they revel in it.

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