A taste of France: Corsican delicacies

A taste of France: Corsican delicacies

In addition to the stunning landscapes and sunny climate, Corsica boasts a wide selection of traditional culinary delicacies, deeply attached to the terroir. These local specialities provide a real insight into the place they are produced. Ingredients such as chestnuts and citrus fruits crop up time and time again… as do names like fiadone and frappes.

  • Chestnuts
    Used to make chestnut tart and beignets, as well as pasta, plus chestnut beer (Pietra) and liqueur. The island’s pigs are also fed on chestnuts, which gives their meat a delicious nutty taste. Fiera du Castagna is the annual chestnut fair held in Bocognano.
  • Cheese
    Brocciu is made from ewe’s milk or goat’s milk and much like ricotta in colour and texture. Casinca is made from goat’s milk and takes its name from the place it is produced, near Bastia.
  • Seafood
    Fish markets are piled high with everything from lobsters to sea urchins. Corsican bouillabaisse is known as aziminu.
  • Pork
    In the form of cured ham (prizuttu, coppa) or figatelli sausages.

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  • Wine
    The white muscat are the most widespread, but rose and red wines are also produced here. Luri holds a Corsican Wine Festival in July. Whether you want something to pair with seafood or cheese, Corsica has got the answer.
  • Stews
    Traditional recipes include veal and olives, boar and wild mushrooms.
  • Hazelnuts
    Commonly turned into nut oil or simply covered in chocolate and sold by the boxful at speciality chocolate shops. They are also used in nougat (nocciolina).


  • Honey
    Corsican honey is protected by an AOC label and is the only honey in France to have received one. The chestnut variety is the most popular, though the bees have plenty of flowers to choose from.
  • Jam
    Fig and citrus fruit varieties, often with nuts.
  • Clementines
    In season between November and January. The only clementines grown in France. Introduced to Figaretto in 1925. They are sold with their leaves on, to show how fresh they are.
  • Olive oil
    Some of which comes with an AOC label.
  • Fiadone
    Cheesecake made with brocciu and flavoured with lemon zest.
  • Frappes
    Little chestnut flour fritters (doughnuts).

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