Not everyone knows what it’s like to make travel arrangements for people with physical or mental disabilities. Often the smallest detail concerning essential belongings and equipment can be the cause of great anxiety and stress.

Lynne Allard of Box-On-Line, which delivers toiletries to your holiday address in France, has a husband with Parkinson’s disease and says she “cannot express how valuable any kind of support to help with daily life is”.

As a result, Box-On-Line is trying to help make travel preparation easier for members of France
Parkinson Le MANS (Sarthe) by offering them free delivery of toiletries to the hotel of their choice during their Thermal Spa therapeutic treatment programme.

It hopes to relieve patients and their families of some of the worries (and weight!) of travelling with heavy, bulky luggage and to ensure the peace of mind of finding all their necessary toiletries on arrival for a comfortable stay.

Thermal Spa Centres specialising in Parkinson’s Disease:

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