Film review: Le Week-End

Le Week-End Director: Roger Michell Cert: 15 Running time: 93 mins When Meg (Duncan) and Nick (Broadbent) Burrows return to Paris to celebrate their 30th anniversary, you can be sure that some things will have changed since they honeymooned in this most romantic

Les deux Magots

Literary Paris

So much has been written in and about Paris. Many renowned writers, such as Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway, chose to live and work there. Here are some of the capital’s popular literary hotspots.

Food specialities in Centre and Val de Loire

The Loire Valley area makes up one of the largest regions in metropolitan France, birthplace of writer François Rabelais and his most famous character, Gargantua – a giant with an enormous appetite and a taste for the local fouaces… Like pitta pockets spiced with saffron (Safran du

Couple look at Alexander 3rd Bridge and Eiffel Tower Paris France

Valentine’s Day and Romance in France

The French are renowned as a nation of romantics. From the amorous cartoon skunk Pépé le Pew with his overcooked accent to gorgeous actors like Jean Dujardin and Gregory Fitoussi, the romantic ideal often adopts a French accent. And, of

The sea during winter in Brittany

Winter in Brittany

Brittany tends to get overlooked in the winter. It only has one mountain peak, which is the mysterious and magical Menez Hom, but at 381 metres it certainly isn’t the place for a ski resort. Think of Brittany in winter

Metrostation Paris sign

My First Trip to Paris

My first visit to Paris was a remarkable experience, which I will never forget. I booked the Dover-Calais ferry and drove with my wife from London in the cold Christmas weather. We intended to stay until the New Year in

A French school

How to Be a Teacher in France

The weekend that followed was relaxing because I knew at last I had a job that suited and although I was now close to the end of my overdraft, I’d just about be able to dig myself out of debt.

Julia Stagg

En Vacances: The Great August Hiatus in France

  Go anywhere in France in August and it’s hard to miss; the entire country is en fête. Blue, white and red bunting draped above the roads, geraniums bursting with colour on windowsills, posters on every lamp post heralding upcoming


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What’s on in Burgundy

Our pick of the best events this region has to offer, onion festivals (fête de l’oignon) and Christmas markets (Marché de Noel) included. Find out what’s on in Autun, Auxonne, Beaune, Bèze, Dijon, Nuits-Saints-Georges…

What to eat and where: Centre

Specialities like Cendré d’Olivet (a cow’s milk cheese) and Pithiviers (a sweet puff pastry pie) take their names from the places where they are produced. But did you know that the famous French tarte tatin also originated here?

French Word of the Week: Le Foyer

Before the days of central heating, in large buildings, like theaters, for example, the large rooms would be bone-chilling cold. The “foyer” would therefore be a gathering place where people would congregate to warm up between acts.

Style and Substance – Paris Design Week

On the calendar of unmissable events in Paris, the week of September 9-15 has its own reserved spot. Everybody is back from their congés, refreshed, tanned and detoxed, and ready to exercise some of that unique brand of Parisian élan.

Thermal spa break booked?

Not everyone knows what it’s like to make travel arrangements for people with physical or mental disabilities. Box-On-Line is trying to help make travel preparation easier for members of France Parkinson Le MANS (Sarthe).

Niçois specialities

We all look forward to trying the local delicacies when on holiday in France and Nice on the French Riviera has plenty for foodies to get their teeth into!

Macarons are the new cupcakes

First came the cupcake craze, then French macarons took Sydney by storm. Rachel Guernier lives in Australia and loves them so much, she learned how to make them, though she admits “They are so time consuming. I’m over the moon that macarons are now easy to find.”

From Nice to Mougins – Part 2

A Recreational Tour of the Riviera By Justin Postlethwaite, Editor Part Two – Cultural Interlude I rise early to clear skies and a self-imposed, packed cultural agenda. Many half-decent hotels are, like mine, within walking distance of the beach, so

house plans large

Planning Law and Procedure in France

French planning law is a huge topic however the rules and procedures were somewhat simplified by new legislation with came into force on 1 October 2007. The resulting rules apply throughout France. Here, legal experts from Heslop & Platt explain the procedure…

Calvados, the true spirit of Normandy

From country cottages to imposing chateaux, elegant town houses to majestic abbeys, Calvados is dotted with character properties of all shapes and sizes. Admire from the outside or maybe even stay overnight – many are open to visitors as heritage attractions or hotels.

Cahors Restaurants, Bistros and Bars

The medieval city of Cahors has a wide variaty of delightful eating place from the grand (and expensive) for that special occasion through to the simple Bistro that will provide a substantial lunch for under €10 per person. The listings are grouped by type of restaurant from Gastronomique to Pizzerias…

The Cocktail Drinker’s Guide to Gardening

Writer James Clay combines two delightful past-times Gardening and Cocktail Drinking. He tells us about his favourite autumn drink, ‘The Algonquin’, which he says “is very simple and really wonderful on cooler October evenings.”…

Rhone-Alpes Hotels and Accommodation

Please select a Rhone-Alpes hotel or accommodation service from our Rhone-Alpes business directory. We feature hotels and lodgings in the departments of Ain, Ardeche, Drome, Haute Savoie, Isere, Loire, Rhone and Savoie.

French dictionary

Hold my hand, we can cope!

Tenir, to hold, is conjugated in almost the same way as venir (to come). The difference is that tenir forms the compound tenses (such as the perfect tense) with avoir, …

French dictionary

Where are we now?

There are separate articles on the use of à/au/à la/à l’/aux and en, but we will look here are other prepositions of place. Some of these prepositions can be used …

Villager AH 2549 €

Villager double fronted stoves are ideal for homes and pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants etc. that have, or wish to create a central chimney setting as a focal point in a large room. Villager offer the following range of double

Ordering in your local Dordogne café

There’s a café terrace in the sun, just inviting you to sit down. But how do you order the coffee you want? Now we’re used to ordering a latte… but Starbucks hasn’t exactly made inroads into rural France. Here’s a guide to the local terminology…

Cafés, Bistros, Brasseries & Restaurants

“Restaurant”A café shares some of the characteristics of a bar, and some of the characteristics of a restaurant. A café provides coffee, drinks and snacks at the bar. These could consist of a Croque Monsieur, pastries, soups or…