Book review: Paris Chien

Book review: <i>Paris Chien</i>

Paris Chien
Jackie Clark Mancuso $17.95 La Librairie Parisienne

This is the story of Hudson, a Norwich Terrier who moves to Paris. He loves the new sights and smells, but has to learn French if he wants to make friends.

FrenchEntrée asked Isabelle Cullingford (age seven) to tell us what she thought of the book:
“I loved the eye catching cover and the beautiful pictures. The mixture of French and English words helped me follow the story. I could read the book with my dad but also read to my little brother meaning the book was entertaining for all levels. The main character was very good and you liked him immediately. There is also a nice part at the end where you find out what each of the French words mean.”


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