Review: Excuse My French

Review: <i>Excuse My French</i>

Excuse My French
R Best and JC Van Waes, £9.99 Kyle Books

Not the first book on speaking French without faux pas, but entertaining nonetheless. Rachel (a rosbif) and her partner Jean-Christophe (a frog) share with us the benefit of their experience gained from what must now be two fully bilingual lives. The stories behind phrases like ‘to do something off the cuff’ are fascinating and the book layout – it’s divided into chapters ranging from ‘people are strange’ to ‘wining and dining’ – with images and quizzes to help you remember what you’ve read, only adds interest. Most of us have a tale to tell about a French chat gone wrong. It seems le français can provide with endless opportunities for error. Phew! ★★★★


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