The joy of French boating

Lovely new boats and endless navigable waterways to explore! Read about the many joys of messing about on a French…

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Place d'Erlon in Reims

The grape escape: champagne country

For Sue Cavill, the winner of our travel writing competition, the prize was a visit to Champagne-Ardenne to report on the sights, sounds and, most importantly, the tastes of this historic region.

Musée des Beaux Arts

10 reasons to visit Dijon, Burgundy

Discover the former home of the Dukes of Burgundy, and some of the finest museums in France, on one of various guided tours offered by the Dijon Tourist Office.


A guide to shopping in France

From the dazzling boutiques on Avenue Georges V in Paris to the most humble of brocantes stuffed with dusty must-have antiques in a sleepy Dordogne village. From out-of-town, bargain-filled factory outlets to classical arcades in elegant cities, France offers the


Insurance for holiday homes

So what should you do if a disaster strikes and you need to make a claim from your insurer for your holiday home?  Well this depends very much on what the claim is for and also what your particular insurer

3 Star Le Frene, Les Gets 40 pitches

How to choose a campsite in France

There are over 8,250 registered campsites in France plus a further 1,400 farm campsites or aires naturelles so knowing how to pick the campsite that is best for you can seem a bit daunting. France has almost three times more

Lyon's riverside setting

10 reasons why Lyon is better than Paris

I went to Paris once and the city is beautiful as they say. I was happy there, I visited it properly and took some great photos. Yet I was not overwhelmed by it. Maybe because I had such high expectations, I was told that

Paris Sketchbook

Book Review: ‘Paris Sketchbook’

Paris Sketchbook Jason Brooks, L King Publishing, £17.95 Jason Brooks discovered Paris through his work as a fashion illustrator and here he shares with us the sketches he snatched of the city around him in between couture shows. Every one is worthy of a place

Photo by Frédérique Voisin-Demery

Strawberry Tarts

April in southern France is a gastronomic feast. The markets overflow with the luscious new vegetables and fruits of spring. Foremost amongst these are strawberries, the perfect ending to any spring dinner party.

The Phare of Biarritz

Life’s a beach: a road trip in Basque country

France’s beautiful Atlantic coast has long been a draw for the rich and famous, but in the first part of her southwest road trip, Gina Dyer discovers that modern travellers can enjoy the beauty of the Basque region on a shoestring…