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Buying a Property to Renovate in France

Many of the properties for sale come with that key caveat. they ‘need work’. Our expert contributor shares tips for buying a property to renovate in France.

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Top Tips for Private Selling

Private sales are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the French property market. Here, we talk you through the advantages and potential pitfalls of choosing to go it alone in L’Hexagone without an agent… Value Your Property Realistically Without an

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Working in France: Top Tips & Advice

‘A common error made by a lot of foreign business owners who moved to my area was to think that France was basically the same as back home, except for the language and this just isn’t the case,’. See what people working in France are saying.

Moving House? A Handy Removal Countdown Checklist

This is a comprehensive list of things to do at various points during the removal process. Following this checklist will take away some of the pressure of thinking of too many things at once, or having to make last minute changes for forgotten necessities.

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Grow your own vegetables in France

There’s nothing like the pleasure of eating vegetables fresh from your own garden. The flavour and texture far exceed anything you can buy in a shop. Growing vegetables is also a natural incentive to to spend time outdoors. It is not necessary to have a large space to begin a vegetable garden, you can start one with just a few pots.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Want to know what your carbon footprint is? Measure how green your lifestyle is the impact it’s having on the environment.

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Pet passport procedure

A pet passport means that your much-loved animal can easily travel with you to France, but getting your pet ready for travel can take weeks or months. Vet Diana James takes you through the process, step-by-step.

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EU Citizen Voting Rights in France

If you are a EU citizen residing in France (primary residents only), you have the right to vote in both European elections and local communal elections. You will need to register before December 31.

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Learning how to taste wine

Wine is a complex beverage, or at least it should be, and to understand a wine’s complexity and depth you need to analyze it.

Advertise your business

Reach more than 330,000 Francophiles, expats, property buyers and investors through FrenchEntrée’s leading portfolio of magazines, newsletters, and website. FrenchEntrée offers a flexible and proven range of online and print marketing solutions to suit every type of company and every

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Top tips for buying overseas

If you’re buying property in France then you will need to make an international money transfer to move your money from the UK to France. The traditional way of doing this is with a high street bank; however you could

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Tips to Sell Your French Home Faster

What is the best approach if you’re planning to put your house on the market, or if it has lingered on the market for a while? Three ways savvy sellers can make their property stand out from the competition.

Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Preparing your pool for the winter is an essential task that will keep the pool and equipment in good condition ready for quickly re-opening the pool in the spring. Here is a guide to the procedure that should be followed…

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Buying in France – Avoid the Common Pitfalls

The French conveyancing system is very well organised and secure. There is no equivalent of reported problems with non existent title deeds (such as in Cyprus) or invalid planning permissions (such as in Spain). So what should those preparing to buy a property in France be wary of?

Healthcare in France – An Introduction

Introduction: Although being expensive to maintain – the World Health Organisation has stated that France spends 11% of GDP on healthcare and outranks major countries on this basis – France offers a wide choice of general practitioners and healthcare specialists.

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School Insurance in France

If you’re from the USA, UK or Australia the concept of School Insurance may seem a little strange. What is it for? When you register your child for school you will be asked for an attestation d’assurance scolaire (certificate of

The Laws of Pool Security

Pool security is a legal must in France. There are four government approved methods – here is an explanation of the pros and cons of fencing, alarms, covers and abris.

Choosing a Pool in France

There is an unbelievable choice of swimming pools available nowadays. Here, Chris Harrison of Piscine-Plus runs through how they differ in terms of price, space, number of pool users, filter type, sanitation and security.

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French State Education – an Introduction

French state education is well-organised, well-funded and with generally average to high standards in comparison to other European countries. The state system is also complemented by a comprehensive network of Private Schools including international schools…

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Renewable Energy Suppliers in France

If you would like to choose an alternative or greener supplier of electricity in France, there are providers who can supply energy produced only from renewable sources such as hydropower, wind power and biomass…

Insurance – Confusion for Expats…

Insurance broker Aon conducted an online survey. It was sent to five-hundred English speakers in France (66% of which are British). There was some interesting feedback concerning confusion with French insurance…

Insuring your house in France

In France, insuring your main place of residence against fire, theft and natural causes is not obligatory but it is advisable. However, you do have to insure yourself against damage you could accidently cause your French neighbours

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Starting a Wine Cellar

Do you love wine and dream of having a wine cellar of your own instead of just buying a bottle when needed? This simple guide to starting a wine cellar will show you how to go about it.

How to DIY a Swimming Pool

Installing your own swimming pool can be very rewarding and certainly save you a packet. Follow these 10 easy stages and you won’t go far wrong.

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French National Anthem: La Marseillaise

The french national anthem “La Marseillaise” got its name during the French revolution because it was sung by troops from Marseille upon arriving in Paris. Here are the words in French and English.

An Introduction to Wine

A brief introduction to wine, its components and how it is made. Wine is produced from the fermented juice of the grapes of the Vitis Vinifera, a species of vine known to man for millennia. A number of natural factors are important …

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La France : un état laïque

The separation of church and state has an impact on school and public administration. France is a secular state, but what are the implications of “laïcité” in everyday life?

Need some more plants?

Image not found.One of the joys of gardening is seeing your garden grow in sheer numbers of plants that you have produced yourself. Obviously there is always the time and …


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News Digest: First Drive-in Vaccination Centre

In France, the latest report provided by health authorities concerning Covid-19, shows at least 5,067,216 total confirmed cases, an increase of 8,536 in the 24 hours to Monday. There have now been 99,135 deaths in total, with 385 additional deaths

5 Tips to Speed Up Your French Residency Application

    If you are hoping to become resident in France or move to France after Brexit, the first step is to apply for a French long-stay visa. Visa applications can seem complicated, but with careful planning and preparation, you

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News Digest: New Lockdown in France

In France, the latest Covid-19 update provided by health authorities shows at least 4,833,263 confirmed cases in total, an increase of 10,793 in the 24 hours to Monday. The total number of deaths is now 96,847, with 197 additional deaths

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Life After Brexit: Bye Bye Beirut

In our Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees? In our fourth installment, Charlotte Visser

Passengers on a commercial flight

Travel Between France and UK: New Rules from March 2021

Traveling between France and the UK has been off-limits for a while now, leaving many French second-home owners unable to visit their properties. This last week has seen France relax its rules on Brits travelling to and from the EU,


All Eyes on Coronavirus Development

The suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine hit the pound at the start of last week.  AztraZeneca plc is a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with its headquarters at the Cambridge, England. Their vaccine has led the UK vaccination programme

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News Digest: Vaccinations Update

The latest report provided by French health authorities concerning Covid-19 shows at least 4,298,395 confirmed cases in total, with 15,792 new cases in the 24 hours to Monday. There were 343 deaths in the same period, bringing the death toll

owning a property in france after brexit

Buying a Property in France After Brexit: 2021 Onwards

The UK has officially left the EU and the Withdrawal Agreement is now in effect, but what does this mean for future France property buyers? Brexit won’t prevent British people retiring to France or purchasing a second home in France,

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4 Things You Missed in FrenchEntrée’s Buying Post-Brexit Webinar

Yesterday’s webinar, hosted by FrenchEntrée Property Director Alistair Lockhart, focused on Buying in France Post-Brexit and saw our experts from Moneycorp, Stone King, and Quilter take to the stage (or rather their living rooms and home offices) to address all

UK EU passport

Life After Brexit: French Hiccups

In our new Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees? In our fourth installment,

Small model house attached to keys as representation of buying a Property in France

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying French Property

Whether you are looking to invest in French real estate, aspire to own a holiday home in France, or plan to move to France in the future—this beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know about buying French Property. What

model house and house keys

Essential Questions for French Property Buyers

  Whether you’re buying a second home in France or looking to invest in real estate, how can you be sure that a property is right for you? Half of the problem is knowing what questions to ask and this

Property visit

Property Viewing in France: Planning Your Trip

Once your French property search is underway and you’ve started to make a list of potential properties, the next step is to start organising your house-hunting trip. From booking house viewings to the essential questions you should ask your French

mobile home park

Buying a Mobile Home in France

Purchasing French property doesn’t have to mean a rural farmhouse or a beachside apartment—there are many other options to consider if you’re looking to buy a second house. With competitive prices and all the advantages of a residential holiday park,

AstraZeneca Jab

News Digest: AstraZeneca Jab on Hold in France

The latest report from Santé Public France shows that France has now registered a total of 90,762 Covid-19 related deaths. This includes 333 deaths in hospitals and 6,471 new confirmed cases in the 24 hours to Monday. Weekend figures are

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News Digest: Discussions on the Reopening of Restaurants

In France, the latest assessment provided by health authorities concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, has reported at least 3,909,560 confirmed cases, with 5,327 of those coming in the 24 hours to Monday. This brings the total number of deaths from the

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Best GBP/EUR Exchange Rate in 12 Months

The pound is standing its ground against the euro despite some signs of the UK housing market slowing down and the challenges of the months to come as the economy comes out from the longest lockdown so far. We started

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Own 5 Easy Holiday Homes for €220k worth €4.9m+

Ready for that Summer holiday in Europe? With second home ownership soaring, owning holiday homes abroad can seem like a stretch but what if we told you there’s a better way? In fact, you won’t have to settle on just

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News Digest: Reopening of Tourism and Culture

In France, the latest report provided by Santé Public France concerning the Covid-19 pandemic shows at least 3,760,671 confirmed cases in total, with 4,703 of those emerging in the 24 hours to Monday. There were 375 additional deaths in the

Income Tax in the UK and France Compared

Early April in the UK sees the end of one tax year and the start of another. While in France, the end of April brings the delivery of annual household tax forms for return to the French taxman by the end of May.

The Real Estate Fiscal Representative in France

Do you need a real estate fiscal representative in France? Selling a real estate property may require the designation of real estate fiscal representative in France, though there are some instances where this isn’t the case. There exists an automatic

Life After Brexit: Moving to France During a Pandemic

In our new Life After Brexit series, we look at how British expats in France are facing life post-Brexit. What are the personal and professional changes and challenges that lie ahead for small businesses, homeowners, and retirees?  In our third

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News Digest: Protests as Meat Taken off School Menu in Lyon

According to the latest report from Santé Public France, there were 160 additional deaths in hospitals in the 24 hours to Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths to 84,306. There were 22,046 new cases confirmed in the same 24